Cabin Fever at the Grout Museum

Last night I came home from retreat.  My physical body is tired, but my mind is soaring!  It is so good to spend a few days with women of kindred spirits!  Each year the Grout Museum of Waterloo, Iowa puts on a quilt retreat.  It is in conjunction with their new quilt display in the museum.  The museum is in memory of the five Sullivan brothers who all lost their lives in war.  (This event changed our military rules on allowing brothers to serve together.)  The large military exhibits are so well done and worth your time, but for a couple days us ladies focus on the quilt display.  The new display was Civil War quilts.  As few of them have survived, along with the antique quilts, reproductions of the time period were also on display.  These included many from book authors.  It was so fun to see the real quilts that inspire us!

Sister Linda, Kathleen Tracy, and myself

Each year the museum invites a speaker/teacher to join us and the one this year was Kathleen Tracy who has written several books on doll quilts.  Her books focus on the history of quilts.  We took one of her classes and I will post a picture of the quilt when it is finished.  I should warn you that I have not finished my quilts from the first time I went to this retreat several years ago.

Of course if quilters gather there are always finished projects to be shown.  Isn’t the above quilt appropriate for February?  It was shown by a gal at a nearby table and I wish I could remember her name to give her credit for the finished projects above and below.

The first time I went to the Grout Museum’s retreat was several years ago when Jo Morton was the speaker/teacher.  I took all three of her classes, along with sister Linda, who goes with me.  I have only completed one of them.  My Peppermint Twist is still in the project box, but seeing the above one finished gives me the incentive to get mine back out!

Jo Morton's pattern

I have finished one of the Jo Morton projects and it does hang in my home.  It is pictured above.  I changed the colors to go with my decorating.  It was fun to learn hand piecing as it was how quilting began.  I also hand quilted this project.

These are my reflections of a fun outing.  Friend, Carolyn, joined Linda and I for the first time and in a few days she will have a lovely post of the retreat.  You may check it out at:  Lee Prairie Designs


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