Admire Other’s Quilts

I took a break from sewing quilts to do some pillowcases for the grandchildren.  I was so excited when I found some fabric that would work for boys!  I have 6 grandsons and one granddaughter.  The gifts have all been delivered or put in the mail, so I am back to my own projects.  Yesterday, one of our local shops had a Free Sew day.  We use a nice large room in the library, bring some snacks, and our machines.  I enjoy listening to all the chatter.

I Woof You!

My project for the day was more pineapple blocks.  I have all the ones I need started, so now it is a nice, no thought, task.  There are days I need that kind.

Pieceful Nights

One of the treats of getting together with other quilters is the show-n-tell.  One of the ladies brought two finished quilts for us to admire.  The one above is a Lori Smith, From My Heart to Your Hands, pattern.  It is called Pieceful Nights.  The gal shared that she let the store pick her fabrics.  This is one time that it turned out wonderful!  I have already ordered the pattern, so I can dream about it for a while!

Isn’t the below quilt just what us snow state quilters need to see?  It makes me want to dig around into my spring fabrics.  Notice how she fussy cut the centers of the squares.  We asked if it was ‘stack-n-wack’, and she said,’no’, she just cut each of the 4 squares individually.  I am sorry as you cannot see the blocks as well as I could in person.  At first I thought that they were hankies or that hankie fabric that you can sometimes find.

Ready for Spring

I am so inspired now and ready to work on the Barb B Civil War quilt.  I have the blocks all pieced together, so my goal for the afternoon is to square it up and begin the borders.  I am going to start the coffee pot, as this task will take some thought.  Have fun!



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