Barbara Beckman’s Civil War Block of the Week

I trust that you took advantage of Barb’s weekly stories of life 150 years ago.  I know I did and enjoyed it.  I also had fun putting her blocks together.  When I started to see quilt tops on the internet, I was inspired to get busy with mine.  I thought the hourglass blocks would be great fillers.  They were easy to make.  But when I started to put the rows together, yikes, all those points to protect!

Barb B's Civil War Remembrance


The border fabric is a print designed by Jo Morton.  And while I spent hours trying to miter the corners neatly, I started thinking about an article I had read some time ago.  Jo said she never miters!  She just adds cute corner stones and is done with it!  I will never be a Jinny Beyer, as none of the corners match.  But I did not cut off flowers!

My Pieceful Nights pattern arrived today.  I happened to like the colors of the one I saw better than the patterns colors.  Also the one I saw had additions to make it fit her bed.  And she had added some embroidery flowers.  It was exquised!  Isn’t the purpose of a pattern often to launch us on to our own creativity?

My quilting friends came on Tuesday, which happened to be Valentine’s Day!  Carol, Sandi, and I each brought part of our lunch rather than the usual brown bag lunch.  Linda had made each a thread catcher which she had filled with candy.  They became party favors!  We each received 6 more Sylvia’s wedding quilt blocks to work on.  Our theme for the day was “get ‘r done”.  We even had a prize for the gal who brought the oldest project and worked on it!  The winner was Joyce and she had all the blocks sewn, but did not have a design wall large enough to lay out the quilt.  She did so on my design wall, with much advice from the rest of us, and placed stickers on each block as she took it down.  I will take a picture of it when she gets it put together.  A good time was had by all!





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  1. Ran across your blog while checking sites that had signed up for Christmas Through the Year. Your CW quilt is spectacular with the hour glass setting, the best I have seen. I just might give it a try and the light blue just set it off.

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