FINISHED is such a grand experience.  Especially when it is a large item.  My queen sized Barb B. Civil War quilt has gone in the mail to a long arm quilter.  She did mention that it will sit awhile as she is having arthritis issues.  It is so sad when you find a quilter who you trust with your treasures and then they slow down, get super busy, or just quit.   The other large item is the pineapple quilt that is a bunk bed sized twin.  I loved that I did not buy any fabric!  However, that said, it made things a little tricky.  I knew I would run out of my background fabric, so I had to carefully plan where to put the 2nd and 3rd backgrounds.  Now that it is FINISHED I could think of other ways I would have liked to have done it.  No, I am not making another one just to experiment!

I will be teaching this in March

After completing something big I like to take a break and do some small projects.  When Carolyn, Linda and I went to the retreat that Kathleen Tracy was to be the teacher, I felt guilty that I had not been doing her doll quilts of the month.  I took along fabric and made Carolyn and Linda do some of the cutting in our motel room the night before the retreat began.  After they went to bed, I FINIHED the cutting and organizing.  We each had the same fabric for the blocks.

Mourning with first sashing

We did not have the same sashing and border fabric.  It has been fun to see how they all ended up.  After adding my sashing I saw some on Kathy’s blog that I liked better.  Hello seam ripper!

2nd sashing and border

The light blue really changed the look and I am not sure I like it a lot better, but it is FINISHED!

Linda's Mourning Quilt

Linda was the first to FINISH hers.  I really like the red flange that she added.

Carolyn's Mourning Quilt

Carolyn had to go to a quilt shop to pick her border.  It turned out great!   Now that we have January done should we start on February before the month is over?

Linda made our quilting buddies and myself thread catchers.  I noticed mine will perfectly hold my thread and scissors while I am hand quilting.  The white plastic is my old thread/Kleen-x catcher!


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