Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler

My small group met this week.  Not everyone was present, but we still had a great time.  We always start with Show-N-Tell and Joyce had her quilt top put together.  She had the blocks done last month and had organized them. Now it just needs the border.  The bedroom is already being painted a new color!

Joyce's bedroom's new quilt

What is so special about Joyce’s quilt is the fabrics used.  She had some of her daughter’s graduation dress fabric, etc.  What fun memories for her to have in her own bedroom.  Now she will need a detailed label.

blocks 16-21

Everyone got their packet of 6 more blocks of Sylvia’s sampler that we are all doing.  For our snow bird, I have been sending the block patterns, instructions, and fabric to her.  Donna has been so good and has stayed caught up.  I also presented one possibility of how to put the blocks together.  There is double fun with this project:  First trying to do all the blocks, and then choosing how to arrange them.  Of course we have a lot of time to make that choice as there are over 100 blocks.  We are 1/5 of the way!

antique pineapple block

Our project for the day was to have everyone succeed in making one pineapple block.  This would be the second time I have helped ladies with this pattern.  The picture above is not one of ours, but one made a long time ago and now resides in an England museum.

Antique pineapple quilt

Everyone went home with one block done and the confidence to make an entire quilt if they so choose.  Above is the entire antique quilt.  Five years ago I had the privilege to travel to England with Deb Roberts Tours.  Deb had organized visits to various museums’ store rooms and to other collections of antique quilts.  You might want to look into an opportunity on joining her sometime.


One response

  1. Beautiful antique quilt Marge…..Love the colors they are outstanding.

    Joyce’s quilt is lovely—-how special to use her daughter’s graduation dress fabric!

    Looks as though your group is moving right along with constucting “Sylvia’s Sampler” ….WOW, 100 blocks!

    🙂 Hope you have a great weekends!! Hugs, Carolyn

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