Free Motion Quilting and more Antique Quilts

Yea, today is the day I get to practice free motion quilting on a piece on muslin!  NOT!  Who wants to practice?  We just want to be good!  A few years ago some blog provided us with a practice everyday of the year.  I did not get snagged. Then there was once a week practice.  It did not catch me either.  But this year there is one practice a month.  Maybe I could do it.  We are now one-fourth of the way through the year and I think I might get with it!

Heart leaves wandering

This is only because I remembered Cotton Theory by Betty Cotton.   Betty’s concept is quilt one block at a time and then put the quilt together.  This is like the potholder quilts of the Civil War Era that I chatted about in my last post.  The only difference is that you leave one inch not batted or quilted all around the outside.  I am not even piecing blocks, rather I am using ready made blocks.  I am practicing quilting!  And it can become a quilt!  SewCalGal.blogspot is where I am getting the lessons.  January Frances Moore did the honors and I learned FMQ of heart leaves.  Yes, I know some stitches are jerky, but I am practicing!

Feathers on a table runner

February the lesson was from Diane Gaudynsti and she did a great job explaining feathers.  They would not fit in my little blocks, but I did have a little table runner begging for quilting.  Yes, all my shadows are not a precise 1/8″ apart and they sometimes run over each other, but I am practicing!

Ann Fahl provided the March lesson, but I missed it as I just got onto this in April. (her lesson was just posted for the month) I did go to her blog and saw her string of hearts.  I did a few of them and then went to Kathy Sandbach’s book on FMQ, Show me How to Machine Quilt, for a few ideas.  I took a class from her years ago, and then I quite practicing.

April has a great lesson on tracing patterns, but I am in the FMQ thing right now.  There was also a video on puzzle quilting so I might try that….on another day.

Hexagon quilt top purchased in Texas

The difference between a Flea Market and an Antique Show:

The above antique quilt top was purchases while I was in Texas.  At the flea market you have to look through a lot of junk and hope to find a real treasure.  If you find one, you are so lucky as the price might also be good.    At an antique show you are looking at a lot of real nice stuff.  When you see the treasure you really want, you might have to pay more than you would like.  The hexagon quilt could have been purchases at either show as I saw one at each that could have been twins.  At the flea market it sold for $15.  At the antique show is was $75.  I was thankful I had bought it for the 15.  Trying to date the quilt is hard for me.  The burgundy looks turn of the century, but the green looks older.  No matter what age, I still enjoy it!  Why didn’t the lady finish it after all that hand piecing?  It lays flat, which is often the issue in tops we find.

Today I made a couple placemats to give as a house warming gift.


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