An 1880 Replica and some Thank-you’s

Many thanks to Cheryl who inspired us all through 2011 with patterns to reproduce an 1880 sampler quilt.  They are all still posted and her directions are so clearly written and she provided that  “cut large- square-up perfect” technique that I need.  Have a look at her blog:

I completed  block number 50 in January and then got side-tracked for a while.    Recently I got out my copy of Quilting Traditions by Patricia T. Herr to find the inspiration quilt and determine the correct lay out of the blocks.

50 blocks arranged like the original quilt

I became frustrated that I had missed making some of the blocks.  How could I have missed so much?  I went back to Cheryl’s blog to discover that we did not make all 72 blocks of the original.  Rather we will have a sample of the sampler!  Which is good as one of the five-inch blocks has 144 pieces in it!

All 50 Penn.-Dutch blocks in the order for assembly

I removed the blocks from the right side and the bottom and filled in the gaps.  The story of the original quilt is that Barbara Bucher Snyder made it in 1880 before her wedding.  The book includes a picture of all the female relatives who came to the quilting party to put the quilt together with their loving quilting stitches.  What a family heirloom and story this would have been.  I am currently working on the sashing and am eager to be able to post again.

A hostess thank-you gift

For a simpler project I have worked on a long overdue hospitality thank-you.  I selected  and purchased the fabric very quickly but just could not find the pattern back.  So the fabric has sat for a few months!  Recently, while looking for something else, the pattern appeared stored with the fabric I planned to use with it when I purchased it 5 years ago!   I like the pattern because there is no binding and the place-mats and napkins are reversible.  The back rolls to the front with miters.  The pattern includes a cleaver plastic template to make the miters easy.  I received a very gracious email when the recipient received her package.

Table runner as a hospitality thank-you

The next hostess gift was in the works before I needed it.  I just realized that it would be perfect for the home of the recipient.  You recently saw it as a FMQ practice.  These work great for non-quilters as they do not see the errors!

We have enjoyed a visit from an out-of-state brother and his wife.  Carolyn is also a quilter, so we had much to visit about.  We also got caught up on each others grown children and we reminisced about the past.

May you continue to enjoy spring.  marge


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  1. Thanks to Carolyn, I get to see your lovely sampler blocks!! You did a great job. I am glad you enjoyed the process. I think in my original post I let everyone I would not be reproducing all the blocks. I hope that was not disappointing to you. I knew I could not finish them all. Having a hard time finishing the borders!

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