Penn – Dutch Colors – gotta love those brave women!

In 2011 I was privileged to make two trips to Lancaster County, Penn.   It just seemed right to follow along with Cheryl to make the blocks of Barbara’s wedding quilt.  Making five inch blocks is a great way to improve ones accuracy in piecing.  The colors that we now refer to as Penn-Dutch were real popular about 1850.  However the only women brave enough to put them all together without some other colors to tone them down were the women in Penn.  Insidently, Dutch is really German.  It has something to do with the language.  These German immigrants that settled in Penn. found very rich soil and were successful farmers.  Their wives were able to buy the fabric for their quilts, rather than using worn fabric or scraps.

Sashing all in place

Last week I was able to put all the sashing in place.  I have yet to square it up.  Cheryl had us make the outer triangles extra large so the square up should go well.  Then it is time for borders!

Doll quilt purchased in Texas

While recently in Texas I purchased the little doll quilt.  There is a cloth note stitched on the back saying that it came from Penn.  What a little treasure to add to my collection!  When I spotted a vender from Penn., I was on the hunt.  Down on my knees I dug through boxes searching for blocks of the colors the Penn. women are so well known for.

With all this to inspire me, I got out a partial project of my own and decided it was time to finish it!  I will add it to another post.