Where is That Binding Fabric?

When the quilt comes back from your faithful long-armer, do you have any trouble finding where you stashed the binding?  I hear all kinds of tips on this and never follow them.  This morning I have hunted everywhere for the binding of the below quilt.  I finally went out side to work with flowers to clear my mind and come back with more clear thinking.  I think I used every drop of border fabric on the border.  Now I need a new plan!

scrap pineapple quilt

Each year I try to do one scrap quilt in honor of my mom and her sisters.  They were all young married and having babies during the Great Depression.  I do not know if they had time to quilt as they were so busy re-making clothes to fit their growing families.  Nothing was wasted.  I did not buy any fabric for this quilt and had to change background fabric along the way.  It was made by a very clever technique a lady showed me but had never put into writing.  I wrote out the pattern and have taught one class on it and another is in the works.  Most of us cannot part with our scraps and this is a beautiful way to use them.


One of my quilting buddies did this quilt for a granddaughter. WOW!  Not your traditional t-shirt quilt!

Very special Graduation quilt by Sandi

I forgot to take a picture of the back.  It is a traditional t-shirt quilt.  Sandi made one like this for the first granddaughter who graduated a couple years ago.  Now they all want one just like it!  She has at least 3 more to go!

Thrifty Aunt

Now I will show what this thrifty aunt did.  I kept the pattern very simple so it would go fast.  Then I felt a little guilt that I did not ask what colors she would like, so I put pretty fabric on the back to make it reversible.  Instead of paying someone to quilt the gift and make it rather pricey, I quilted the drop before I added it to the bed top part.  Then I made the top like a devon and added a comfort to that part.  In the summer she could remove the comfort and have a summer spread.  She gets it today and I sure hope she likes at least one side!

Twin sized quilt for Ashley

It did challenge me a little to figure out how to make the pocket for the comfort.  The first one I showed you made by Sandi will be a life long treasure.  My gift will be in a garage sale when Ashley gets married, but that would be okay as it will have served her well in college.  Each quilt we make has a different purpose.

Reversible quilt/ devon for Ashley

I was challenged a little to figure out how to make the opening for the comfort to be added and removed easily.

May you also build some memories at this special time of the year!   And a happy Mother’s Day to you!




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