International Quilt Market – Spring 2012

Welcome to Quilt Market

This is the second time that I have had the priviledge to attend Quilt Market and this time was just as exciting as last time.  Thursday is School House Day.  There are 14 thirty minutes sessions during the day.  I made it to 13 of them.  The problem is that for each session there are 30 of them going on!  You have to make a lot of tough choices!

Something NEW

Market is all about something NEW  That is what makes us buy.  At the turn of the century (1880-1910)  dark colors, like black and indigo, were the rage.  How do you get women to buy more?  Change the color palate!  We are all familiar with the pastels of the 1920s.  Women were buying again!  The above picture is a design of Elisa Wilson a few years ago.  You saw it in all the shops and quilt shows.  There are still women making this quilt, but Elisa had to have something NEW!

A winner for 2011

Last year the above quilt was winning ribbons in the shows I attended.  What could Elisa do to get us to buy her second book, Crazy Curves, Continues , or new patterns?

Fan Dance

She had to come up with NEW ideas and patterns.  She did not disappoint us!  If you like paper piecing you can add a lot to your circles with Fan Dance.  This is available as an individual pattern if you already have her book.

Another NEW pattern is above and I missed getting the name.  All available at


If you are a little overwhelmed with all of this, how about the ‘guy quilt’ above?  It only has 1/2 the number of circles.  Just think, all this went through my mind in 30 minutes in one School House.  My mind had to grasp 12 more of them!

Friday is Exhibitor Day

Exhibitor day is when you really see all the NEW.  And textile people do it with flare!

All the new fabrics from this company are on display.  I would love to do this in a room of my house:  layered cake, foam board and scraps of batting!I will try to add more of market in other posts.  Now I am either going to unpack or play with circles!

Guess which one will win!

Happy dreaming about your next project!


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