QUILT MARKET – Spring 2012, part 2

After all my sharing about circle quilts in my last post,  I went to the sewing room and started one of my own

My attempt at the circles.

Of course, I picked the easiest pattern, as that is a great way to try a new technique.  I will add that I am not doing them with the same ease as the demo appeared, but they do get easier the more one does.  Looking at the picture helps me consider any re-arranging that might be necessary. What was exciting about cutting this out, besides that cutting partial circles was easy, was that all the fabric came from my stash!  I wonder how long I could go without buying fabric?   Now I want to share some other quilts that really got my attention at market.

Edyta Sitar

A wagon load of beautiful

Edyta Sitar’s NEW

Edyta Sitar never disappoints us with her NEW.  Wow, where does she get the ideas and the time to put them on paper, let alone sew them.  A couple of these Laundry Basket Quilt patterns came home with me.

Jo Mortan

Jo’s reproduction of a museum quilt

Jo always draws a crowd as she has a great following.  I went to her school house and really liked seeing this quilt.  I purchased the center panel when it went on the market a year ago.  Now I could see it put in a quilt in the same format as the quilt that is being preserved in Lincoln NB. (I like to sit in the front row at school house for the above reason, but this was a full house and I was glad to have a seat. )

Another Booth

A booth at Market

I did not get a good picture of most of the booths.  There were so many of them!  They were so striking!  This one takes us back in time!

Another 6 pack of Sylvia’s Bridal Quilt

6 of Sylvia’s Bridal Quilt

Before I left for market, my quilting friends were here and we did another six blocks.  Now I need to stop playing with circles and get our next set ready!


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