It’s For the Birds: Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

The Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is run by Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side.

I am sharing a quilt I made a couple years ago in honor of the English style of framed quilts.  The birds are in the toile fabric.  And as a bonus for the birds there are four trees as cornerstones.  There are smaller birds in these trees.    Peacocks are also in a couple borders.

Bird Toile

Tree of Life as cornerstones

Enjoy all the birds in the festival.   In this last picture you can see one more set on birds in the outer boarder. On the bottom boarder I did a little bit of Brodery Perse where there had to be a seam to keep the birds facing the correct way.  It was not hard to overlap some flowers to make the seam less obvious.

quilt with outer boarder

I should say that I removed a real bird nest from my porch.  It is a spring ritual.  We live in a timber but they love the shelter of my porch!


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