A few years ago Penny Haren wrote her first quilt book, Pieced Applique.  Her publisher is Laundour right here in Des Moines Iowa.  A few of us local quilters were invited to spend an evening trying out her new technique.  I was fascinated with the technique.  I visited a number of shops to find all the fabric that was used on the cover quilt.

Penny Haren’s first quilt

By the time the quilt book was on the market, I had a sample quilt done for one of my local quilt shops.  Jacque was able to sell a lot of the books and I taught the technique four times!

Penny’s second book

When her second book came out, I already had three more sets of the original blocks done as I did them for the classes.  I added her new blocks and was able to make a queen sized quilt.  I thought I had the right amount of the border fabric, but the flowers were so large I wanted a wide border.  No one had more of the fabric so I had to get creative.  I found the individual flowers at Mary’s shop.  She encouraged me not to just put them on one side.  Make it appear like a plan rather than desperation!


NEW from Penny

Penny has published two more books since I sorta moved on to try other things.  However, at market, I fell in love with her new quilt.  I happen to be really fond of medallion quilts and this NEW one is stunning.

Medallion Quilts

Women of Courage

Penny was not the only one showing medallion quilts.  The above one is Women of Courage and will be a block of the month.  If fact, I already got an email about a shop offering it!  The colors of this one go well with my home, but I need to pass.  However, If I see that border fabric, I will have to have three yards!  Along with each block, there will be a story of an ordinary women doing extra ordinary things.  It sounds like a fun read and should entice a lot of quilters. (As I am prof-reading this, I am wondering if the above quilt is a true medallion.  It is a sampler but they are not arranged in rows.  But there are not frames. hm)


I spotted this quilt at a vendor  and it is a free pattern on line!  I just forgot to write down the vendor or take a picture of the info!  While I am sharing about medallions, I will mention that quilt historian, teacher, writer, etc., Bettina Havig, spoke at our local guild this week.  She also taught a class on planning a medallion quilt.  We used strips of 2″, 3-1/2″  and 6-1/2′.  It was so logical as your finished pieces would interact as they would finish at multiples 1-1/2″, 3″, and 6″.  My project is now boxed up to properly age while I work on other things.  I did get on line and order two of Bettina’ books.

Urn quilt reproduced

I did better with this medallion.  It is Andover fabric and has been on the market for some time.  I was able to track it down at ReproductionFabrics.com.  It is a John Hewton design and the original is in a museum.  It would be from the 1800s when they called them framed quilts.


18″ square doll quilt

Speaking of the 1800s, I purchased a doll quilt from one of the three antique vendors.  It is said to be the 1840s.  Cindy had three lovely doll quilts and it was so hard to decide.


At the sea in KC

This is another vender attraction.  They are fighting for our attention and our $$$.

NEW – lots of solids

One more picture from market and I will end this post.  We were told that the NEW trend would be SOLIDS.  This stack came home with me and I have already gotten into it.  The next change we can expect will be pastels.  Of course there has to be CHANGE to cause us to buy!


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