I pushed the wrong button and I posted a picture without sharing the adventure of finding it.  While antiquing yesterday, sister Linda found the treasure and allowed me to make the purchase!  It had just come from an estate auction in Niles. MI.  The past preserver was Esther Jessup.   I do not know if she was just the caretaker of the doll quilt or a relative of the maker, M. C. Henry.  The lady was 68 years old when she made it in 1896.  


The only catch is that the embroidered name goes through both layers (no batting).  Was the name an afterthought of the maker or was it added later by someone else?  The binding fabric is also in the quilt so it was not finished at a later date and all fabrics appear time period correct.  Which ever is the story, I feel privileged to be the current preserver of a child’s treasure?


My friends and I are still working on Sylvia’s quilt and another six blocks are finished.

 It was so fun to come home weary from VBS one day this past week to find a large box on my porch.  It was the civil war quilt back from my long-arm friend!  Yea!  When I get it bound I will post a picture.


I do have a picture of a tube quilt I taught my friends last time.  And I am very glad that I have a picture of the arrangement as it has been taken off of the design wall.  The most common comment of this arrangement is that it appears like a kaleidoscope.

When we get together in July we will be doing a project that is more craft than quilt and a little out of my comfort zone.  But the snap bags have fascinated me.  You use an old tape measure from a guy’s workbench.  My husband wondered why I happened to buy him a new one!


The other reason I wanted to try the bag was my friend Carolyn made them with selvages.  I started saving selvages a long time ago just to do it.  I have seen a couple quilt tops that were all selvages.  The latest one was a log cabin.  I will try to track that picture down so I can share it.  The above one is using children’s prints and trying to preserve a little of the print.


Then I selected the selvages by some of my favorite designers.  Since I am finishing a Penn. Dutch quilt, I found selvages of their fun colors.


After struggling with making them without a pattern, sister Linda showed me a pattern by Stitchin’ Sisters.  Reading it and looking at Linda’s bags (those in the above photo) has me inspired to try more.  I want to get all the kinks out before my sewing friends come again.

If you get the bug:

I have been out of my sewing room for an entire week and am really missing the calming effect of time stitching!  Maybe tomorrow!


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