More From the Outdoor Quilt Show

It is drizzling here today.  I am so sorry for the outdoor quilt show and so glad I went yesterday.  Maybe they had an hour or more this morning.

Embroidery and applique treasure from a grandma

Here is another 1930s style quilt.  The note said this was her second identical quilt and was for her granddaughter.  I do not think I could make a second one!  I have trouble finishing ones I start.  Once I think I have conquered the pattern and technique I am ready for the next challenge.

Row quilt that ribboned at the 2011 IA State Fair

I have been getting out my patriotic quilts and would love to add the above one to my collection.  I think all the ladies of the small group, Material Gals, made the quilt and one of them put hers in the show.

Tricia Beal-Snyder’s design and piecing and applique

The gal who won the Best of Show last year designed and made the above quilt.

The above is a gal’s first attempt at applique.  You go girl!

String quilt

Simple also deserves some praise.  The above is someone else’s string quilt.  I have drawers full of neatly cut strips.  I need to make this quilt!  I appreciate the way the subtle sashing backs away and lets you see the strings.

American Jane pattern

I did not share how the 12 quilts that get the most votes, go into the shops 2013 Calendar.  We all want the privilege .  I want it so bad that I enter two quilts, hoping that one of them will get the votes!  The above quilt is an applique and pieced quilt that came out every now and them to be worked on.  Cynthia Berry did the quilting and always is so creative!  I love her work!

Barbara Beckman’s Civil War Pattern

The above quilt is a Civil War quilt that Barbara Beckman posted on the internet each week of 2011.  With the block she always provided an interesting history lesson about the war.  The block usually symbolized something in the lesson.  It is not a reproduction of an antique quilt but the block patterns were available at that time and I tried to use the appropriate fabric. I also added a block that contains the picture of a slave in chains asking for freedom.  The picture appeared various places during this time period and was in the center of a quilt which got cut in half.  I do not know if it was a family issue or just to provide two soldier quilts.  That was often done as the time of great need for blankets.  Years later the two halves met again and the quilt was put back together.  I thought it would be appropriate to add that story with my quilt.  I also copied a poem from a historical quilt owned by Terry Clothier- Thomson. The third special block has the large A and the definition of  abolitionist.

I just finished reading the book The Secrets of Mary Bowser by Lois Leveen.  It is historical fiction as there are hardly any records of the live of Mary other than she was a black union spy and a great help to victory for the union and the slaves.  I really appreciated how the author tried to place our minds in America at that fateful time period.

You have seen my quilt before, but now it is quilted!  Yea!  It is also bound!

May you enjoy the quilt show season!


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