Outdoor Quilt Show

Sisters Oregon is not the only quilt show that is outside.  Our small town quilt shop has one of its own.  It is so fun to see all the local quilters and their projects of the past year on display!  This year there are over 50 quilts that are hung outside on two days.

There are always a couple 1930 style qults

The guests get to vote on what they think are the top 3 quilts.  It is so hard only voting for three.

Tiny basket that I want to see the entire quilt!

I might go back again today so I can vote again.  Another reason to go back is the quilts that were folded on the railing the first day, get hung up so that you see more of them the second day.

First of the 2 is done in batiks

I am so fascinated with two quilters that used the same pattern and produced two totally different quilts by the choice of fabric.

Japanese fabrics

This second one is made with Japanese fabrics.  Both are stunning.  The next photo will be a close up of the quilting.WOW!

close up to show the quilting

I will share more pictures later as I need to go to a flea market.


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