Borders! Simple or Complex?

EI know why ladies like simple borders.  They frame the quilt nicely and they are quick.  I was working on a complex one for a good portion of three days!  They take time.  For this one I even had the HST made when I started.  I sure spent a lot of time measuring.

My attempt at the Snyder Wedding quilt

And that is why the quilt found a hiding spot for several weeks.  When I put the quilt on the design wall there were bubbles in the corners after the first two borders.  I took out seams and reduced some seam allowances to 1/8″.  Then I layed the quilt flat on the table and saturated the corners with Magic Sizing.  One by one, I pressed them flat and let them cool down.  When I measured the recommended three times, the middle was one inch longer than the sides!  I have never been that far off!  I really worked the numbers as I added the last three borders.  When all pressed out, it layed flat on the wall!  Yea!

It has now been delivered to a new (to me) long armer.  When I took another look at the picture of the original quilt.  I could see a lot of the quilting and we will try to reproduce it also.


Irons might not be an interesting topic, but we all want to work with a great one.  A few years ago I bought a real pricey one at a quilt show.  It is like an old fashioned pressure cooker when it comes to steam.  I love it!  They were real helpful when I called that I was loosing steam and sent me a new knob.  Lately the handle was so hot, that I was using a pot holder.  I got out Gorilla Glue and sealed all the seams.  It is working much better now.


I did decide to purchase a back-up iron.  I really like Shark’s vacuum products so I decided to try their iron for about $30.  I have been really impressed.  It can also produce a lot of steam.  Enough of my iron evaluations.

Quote from Matt’s book

My son-in-law wrote a book about raising boys.  His wife, my daughter, made a banner using a quote from the book.  It can even work for quilt making!  I know my border provided me with a challenge and making it made me realize my weaknesses!


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