Yesterday was entry day at the Iowa State Fair in the quilt division.  I packed up some things I made this year, and a couple things from earlier that have never been shown.  I know so many of the other contestants and we just have fun with the competition.  I have learned that it is a lot about what styles the judges like.  But that is okay as we are all that way and each year there are new judges.

a suitcase full of quilts for the fair

Whichever quilts they choose to put the ribbons on does not make the show any more or less fun.  The night before the fair opens it is pre-view night and it is so fun for us quilters.  We all walk around in a daze at all the wonderful work of quilters.  We all go home inspired and dreaming of what we will make for next year.

my first star


This does lead me to the thought of which quilt to make next.  Do you only make ones with a purpose in mind?  Do you know which wall it will hang on or which bed it will grace?  Or do we make quilts that we just want to?  We will find a place for it later.  The above picture is one of  the  ‘I want to try that’ projects.  I was introduced to this at market.  Barbara H. Cline did a great job at her school house.  I actually won a 60˚ ruler as a door prize!  I  purchased her book, Simply Triangles.

My stars!

I have been having so much fun putting fabrics together, that this will have to end as a bed quilt.  I had come home from market with some batiks, but have also shopped two more times for them.  I think this is my first quilt using batiks.  It is fun to expand my horizons.

one of Barb Cline’s quilts


The above picture is that of the quilt from market that inspired me.  This leads me to the next thought I wanted to share today.  Barbara Cline used 4 blues, 4 greens and one yellow.  Her quilt is lovely.  But, the speaker at our Des Moines guild this past week was Mary Sorensen.  If you ever have the chance to hear her, I encourage you to do so.  Mary’s rise to fame has been her gorgeous work in applique´.  However she shared that if that was her presentation topic,  2/3 of us would have left at the break!  She continued making her presentation fun.  What a skill it is to make a lecture fun to hear while teaching something of great value.  Her title was “Buy it All!”   She had the power point to verify the thoughts shared.  She showed an applique´ flower with 8 red petals.  For one she had used the same red for each of the eight.  For the second she had used a different shade of red for each petal.  It was obvious which was more attractive to the eye.  She did the same with a pieced block and even with background fabric.

I will confess that my project is not variegated  because of  her idea for more values and intensities, but rather because I began with a couple sets of fat quarters and ran out of fabric long before I ran out of blocks to make.  After hearing her I did know that I was on the right track.  Not only will my quilt be interesting from a distance, but you will want to look at it longer and closer just to see what is all there.

May you enjoy more shopping outings knowing you need more hues, and many values and intensities of each one!



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