And the winner is….Leigh Lussie…BEST OF SHOW  2012  Iowa State Fair!

Best of Show, Iowa State Fair, 2012

The picture of Leigh’s quilt came through strong enough that you can even see some of the beautiful quilting.  This is a show that does not list the long arm quilter.  After the fun pre-view evening I had to go back and study the quilts even more.  I take tons of pictures.  Usually one of the quilt and them a close up of the tag so I have the makers name and category.  I will share the blue ribbons from categories that I had an entry.

blue ribbon tradition pattern by Mary Martin

This category is traditional patterns, those prior to 1935.  The blue ribbon went to Mary Martin.  My entry was my Civil War sampler and I had trouble selecting a category for it.

Kit or Block of the month category

The block of the month/ kit category was won by Tamara Watts-Mcphail.  Her quilt also won Best Machine Quilting.  It was so stunning!  My entry in this category was my appliqued toy quilt.  I knew better than enter it in an applique category!

pieced wall quilt by Marcia Handsaker

Pieced Wall Quilt was won by Marcia Handsaker.  It is a Jo Morton pattern.  My entry was a paper pieced floral.

by Peggy Bruns

A unique category to the fair is “Found and Finished”.  Peggy Bruns well earned the blue ribbon with her lovely hand quilting.  I think she found the embroidered flower blocks and added the time correct green sashing and border.  One draw back to finishing an old quilt is that it is dated by the year it is finished.  So now this quilt will be dated 2012 rather than when the blocks were made.  There are advantages and disadvantages to finishing an old quilt and the choice is made by the owner of the started quilt.  I finished one that I probably should not have as the fabrics were so fragile.  My entry in this category was a true lover’s knot done in pink and white.  I had purchased it as a quilt top.  My hand quilting was fine, but nothing like Peggy’s!  Wow!

28″ quilt made by Fannie Hotchkiss

Speaking of antique quilts I want to share a small antique quilt that I purchased yesterday at an antique show.  It is unusual to find a finished quilt of this size.  Who would want to do the binding of this?  I am so thankful that the family taped a note on the back.  It reads: Fannie (Jenkinson) Hotchkiss born 1863.  The vender said something about a larger quilt, but I failed to ask if it was the same pattern.  Fannie maybe quite on this one as it was starting to have trouble laying flat.  I am so glad that she went ahead and quilted and bound it. I am also glad that no one has tried to wash it as the back is rather stained.    I will use it as a table topper on special occasions when no food or drink will be near it.

I did see a couple antique quilt tops that had been washed and many seams had frayed apart.  They were nice and clean but their value had decreased.

A Gail Wilson doll pattern

One more fun thing to show:  my Gail Wilson doll.  Linda and I had purchased kits for this pin cushion over 4 years ago.  After reading the specific directions we knew it would be work to do it correctly.  While brother Roger was at the fair setting up one of the buildings, Linda stayed with me for two days and we took on the project.  We had so much fun!  Chatting, laughing, and working made the task so pleasant.

May you have good times with your quilting buddies!


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