Quilt Smarter, Not Harder!

Don’t make it rd

This button hangs in my sewing room, but I did not heed it!  Last time I talked about the book Simply Triangles.  Rows of triangles are so easy to sew together.  It is no different then sewing a row of square blocks.  But what did I do to my new triangles?  Instead of rows of them, I sewed them together to make diamonds.

two triangles stitched together to make a diamond

Why?  Because they were cute!  In the picture above,  you can see the seam between the frog and the butterfly.  I wanted to sew them so that I could see how it was going to look and finish.

And I just looked at the pictures, rather than READING THE DIRECTIONS!  The directions said to sew the rows of triangles together.  Then when you sew the rows together, you will have diamonds.  So logical,  So simple, So impressive,  especially if you follow directions!  If you first sewed the diamonds, as I did, you will make Y-SEAMS!  A life time supply of y-seams.

Overlapping stars made from triangles

I still like my project, but I wasted so much time trying to put it together the wrong way.  When this part was finished, I left the room and did something else. When I returned, the error popped right out at me.  So first I did not follow directions and made a ton of extra and tedious work for myself,  then I flipped one diamond and had to remove seams and re-make the y-seams!  I am sure it will be worth it when my granddaughter opens it at Christmas!

6 of Sylvia’s bridal samplier

Since my last post my quilting buddies have been to my home and we have done 6 more of Sylvia’s blocks.  This is the first time we added a dab of red.  Most everyone liked it, so as I started our September blocks there will be more red.  We will keep it a soft red and use it in small doses.  I heard a quilt historian talk about the log cabin quilts and the red centers.  He suggested that maybe the center was red more so because those women knew that a little red goes a long ways, than that it signified the warm fire burning.

I have been really trying to really control my fabric buying.  I will never use what I have, but it is so fun to have the selection right at home!

My husband is a farmer!


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