Unfinished and trying more;  I am now trying my third of Barbara Cline’s patterns in Simply Triangles.  My sewing friends are coming next week and we decided their first triangle project should be the easiest one in the book.  Today I played with Simple Christmas Star.  Mine is not for Christmas, rather for TV pillows for some grandsons.

city stars

Doesn’t that sound like a good reason to start another project?  I now have three of Barbara’s quilts going.  I need to stop trying new ones and finish one, or two!  I am really enjoying the challenge.  The above pattern is actually designed to use the left over triangles from Bursting Forth.  As I did not do that project, yet, I ended up with two sets of triangles.  So I am making two pillows.

another city star

Doesn’t flipping the colors of the triangles change the looks?

doll quilt with a star

While looking for the city star picture, I found a doll quilt with a star so will share it.  It is not my quilt but I sure love looking at the fabrics from the past.  It would be a fun little quilt to try to reproduce.  But not until I finish something else!


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