One Six Point Star – Six Ways to Border It!

Linda was at my house for a sew day while brother Roger was doing some selvaging of our farm buildings.  She was getting her fabric ready for class on Tuesday.  We got a little carried away and also did the cutting out.  She was able to arrange her triangles so many different ways around the star!

Option 1

It is the Simple Christmas Star from Simply Triangles.

                                                Option 2

Option 3


First you sew your four strips of fabric together.  After pressing and starching, you cut triangles with a 60′ ruler.  After each cut you flip the ruler.  This makes two sets of triangles.  The ones pictured above have the white fabric at the triangle point.

The below set of pictures will have the red plaid on the point!

You will have to wait to see which one Linda selects to use.  Of course, she will be able to make two of the table toppers and be ready with a gift!

I can’t wait to see what fabrics the other ladies have selected and all their options!

Option 5

option 4

Option 6

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