Unfinished quilts!

The above cartoon is so me.  I got my star quilt done so far and then walked away for a month.  My friends were coming so I needed to get it off the design wall.  I had motivation.  The rows went together well.  Not all points are perfect, but it is done being pieced.

Shenandoah Stars

Before adding the borders, the sides had to be trimmed off, which meant a lot of bias cuts.  To prevent a ruffled border, I tried something I recently saw in a magazine.  I put the quilt on the table back side up.  I penciled in the line I would be stitching on.  Then I put in a stay stitching seam 1/8″ into the Seam Allowance.  Then I did the cutting.  It worked out well.

Stay stitching before cutting bias

However, when I was showing the quilt to my friends and explaining the ruffle prevention technique, I put the cut offs on the border to demo what I was working with.  The ladies loved the pattern going out into the border!  So did I.  But what I had cut off had no seam allowance to put it back on.  I had to make new sections.  I opened the seam where the border began.  I slid the star point into place and sewed the border back into place.  I appliqued the rest of the star point into place.  It was time consuming to make it fit right, but I think it was worth it.

It is fun to add a little of your own style to someone else’s pattern.  This is Barbara Cline’s pattern as shown in her book, Simply Triangles.   This pattern does have some diamonds, but NO Y SEAMS!  Triangles are added to the diamonds to make large triangles.  Then it is all in laying it out and sewing rows!

Tomorrow will be a fun day.  Not only does Shenandoah Stars go to long arm magician, but I will be picking up two quilts.  It is so fun to see what can be done to make me look good!  Usually a quilt is gone long enough that I forget all the errors and I can really appreciate it.  These two arrive with just enough time to add binding and enter them into the Des Moines Quilt Show.  It will be part of the AQS Des Moines show.

6 new Sylvia’s blocks

When my friends came I had six more of Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler blocks ready for them.  The modern tulip was a challenge.  There was paper piecing, hand stitching, and machine stitching!  One help, for my friends, is that I try making it before them.  I realize when the cutting is going wrong.  In this case I did not allow enough fabric for the paper piecing.  Then I must have done my hand stitching with a generous 1/4″ SA.  It should have been a slim 1/4″.  I will really be fudging to get this the right size!

modern tulip

One of the  blocks should have been easy, but I cut the flying geese reversing the colors.  I was determined to make a block of the purple and cream pieces.  It will be fun to see how the ladies turn out as theirs are cut out correctly.

antique quilt block

I am a member of a group that posts vintage and antique quilts.  This block was recently posted and it made me realize that it might not have made it into a quilt, but it has been treasured all these years and no one has been able to let it go.   Wouldn’t it be fun to know what happens to all our treasures when it is someone else’s turn to sort and pass them on?


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  1. Hi Marge! I found your blog finally! You have so many quilts that are so pretty! Love the sampler in this post and especially love your children’s quilt that was in the outdoor show! So pretty…

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