PINEAPPLE QUILTS: In the past year I have taught a NEW way to do the OLD fashioned pineapple block on two occasions for Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  I tried it out on my friends first to get all the kinks out.  Below you see Linda’s first blocks.  This past week-end she and I went to Ladies of the Lake retreat and she made a stack more of them.  This is a block pattern that becomes addictive.

Linda’s blocks on class day

Below is one of the quilts that inspired us a year ago.  I love the color sets.  The senior lady who had shared the technique  described how she taught it.  Her friend, Faith, made a couple charts of how it works.  I took it a step further and wrote up the pattern.  When I figure out how to attach it to my blog I will do so.

The original pineapple that got us going

The below photo is one done by a lady who took the class.  She was so excited to show the quilt top at retreat.  She and her sister had both made it using their stash of reproduction fabrics.  For them it became a contest as to who was getting the most blocks done.  I am anxious to see how other students’ tops turn out as some were using very modern fabrics.

pineapple with Civil War fabrics

Another OLD quilt that has been made NEW is my Snyder Wedding quilt.  I don’t think that I have shared how it earned a red ribbon at the Des Moines Area Quilt Show.

Snyder Wedding quilt at the DM quilt show

For the past couple years I have really been into the Penn. Dutch colors.  While at the DM quilt show and the AQS seminar in Lincoln Neb.  I have been able to add to my collection of doll quilts in the color theme that makes Lancaster County famous, among many other things.

Penn. Dutch pillow cover

The above one is actually a pillow cover, but the size is appropriate to display with my doll quilts.  Below is a doll quilt that looks like it could be a pillow cover!

square doll quilt in a star variation

This unique county of women also made pieced pillow cases.  They are out of my price range, but I have a real appreciation for them.

doll quilt with blue border

The above is a more traditional doll quilt, but it does have the Lancaster blue.  What a week!  I found three small Penn. Dutch colored treasures.

Another Christmas table topper

On another week, my friends were at my house to quilt together.  Sandi brought along her Simply Triangles table toppers.  Above is a picture of my favorite.

Another 6-pack of our sampler

We also got our packets to make 6 more blocks for the Sylvia Bridal Sampler.  Many of us are also readers and have read the entire series of the Elm Creek Quilts  by Jennifer Chiaverini.

making do

On the previous month, I had cut the sample block with the flying geese’s colors reversed.  The block on the left is the correct one and the one on the right is my  ‘make it work’ block.

Just in case you do find your kitchen occasionally, I will share friend, Carolyn’s easy recipe.

May each of us accept what our fellow Americans decide on Tuesday, and enjoy moving on the thinking of the holiday season.


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