Okay, when I am upset I clean.  Recently I had a couple such days and thankfully my target this time was the sewing room.  First I went after horizontal surfaces:

cleaning product

Then I even did some re-folding of fabric!  As I refolded the Civil War stuff, I cut off a strip of 1-1/2″ and 2-1/2″.  I have now done some pre-cutting for a couple projects I have in mind.  I need to write a note and put it with the strips or I will entirely forget just what it was I had in mind.

The machine even went in for cleaning and oiling!

I started on the heaps on the floor, but as my spirits improved I went back to creating!  Another dumpy day might have done the trick, but it was not to be and I am sure my husband was happy to have me back.  I should confess that right next to my machine, I discovered something that I started last January!


I have been doing some binding and have the quilt project on a bed!  I love the colors in this room as I can put most of my quilts with it.  You might remember that this one comes from Simply Triangles.  The machine I use to attach binding is in my basement by a couple big tables.  It works quite well to handle the large projects.  That machine went to the shop when I picked up the first one.  I am now all set for a winter of sewing!

Grandson’s pillow

When I was trying out the pattern for the bed quilt, I made a couple stars.  They are now pillows and will go to grandsons.  I bought a huge bag of stuffing and it was enough for 1 and a half pillows.  I thought I could open an old throw pillow and use that stuffing to finish up the second pillow.  I did so, and when I put my head of each pillow, I said ,’no’.  The old stuffing must have gone through a few washings as the pillow did not compare in comfort.  So while my pictures are up loading for this post I am taking apart a pillow liner.  I did make muslin pillows to go into these, so the mothers can wash the pillow cover and not the stuffing!

Now for some exciting projects of my friends!  Sharon brought a couple quilts that she has finished.  The above one is one the group all did.  We marked the cutting board, laid the squares of fabric on it and cut out the blocks using the markings.  It was a fun technique to try.  I really like how Sharon laid hers out with some sashing to make it a framed quilt.

Sharon’s Star quilt

The above quilt is another one of Sharon’s.  A few blogs ago I showed the one Donna did just like it.  Donna had bought the kit at the Amana Colonies quilt shop.  Sharon had found her own fabrics.  So far, I have bought the pattern!

Our project for the day was tumbling blocks without Y-SEAMS!  They did it and I am so excited about their projects!  I am posting a few of the beginnings.  Next time we are together I hope to see some finished ones!

I did miss taking a picture of Joyce’s projects so I do hope we get to see them finished.

Carol’s blocks

On this last one you can see how we are going to fill in the space.  All we need to do is cut strips and put a 60′ angle on the end.

Now I am headed to Junk Jubilee and a craft shop for more pillow filling!


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