New Year Quilts

Have you packed away all of Christmas?  I have not.  I did some cleaning after the family left, but have not been ready for all the Christmas to go away.  Number one reason:  It is a lot of work!  Number two reason:  The house looks dull with it gone.


So I spent some time sewing and coming up with something new to put out for winter.   When I thought about backing, I thought why not make it reversible.  I will let you know later how I succeed in getting it placed together exactly right.


Okay, I did not try a new pattern, but have really liked Simply Triangles, by Barbara H Cline


While working on the table toppers, I also kept sewing the tumbling blocks together.  I used them as ‘fabric left under the needle’.  It has been much easier to keep it right when I only take away 2 pieces at a time.  The strips are now all sewn.  Before I sew them together, I need tops and bottoms for each column.  Do I want them scrappy or do I want them all the same fabric to move into a new frame?  Any suggestions?  I do need to move on with this project as it has occupied the design wall for several months.

I now have a new design wall!  This one is in the basement, where I move to when a quilt is getting large.  I have much more space to work here and I can step way back and look at things.


When my children asked for a Christmas idea list, I said “time”. Could you do a project for me?  One son is very talented with a hammer!  Another one did a lot of stuff with my computer for me!  Yea!

The flannel is all neatly framed and at the top is what I saw in a quilt shop and wanted for myself: Slat Board.  It is a glorified peg board.  I can put various hooks it in it so as to hang a completed quilt.  This way when the room is a family room, I can have a finished quilt hanging.  When it is a sewing room or class room I have a large design wall.

The blocks currently on the wall are our Sylvia Bridal Sampler blocks my friends and I are making.  We are winding down on making the blocks and might not achieve all 140 of them, but we certainly have enough to make a quilt.  There are a variety of lay-outs in the book.  It will be fun to see how 7 sets of the identical blocks turn into 7 different quilts.  Currently I have an idea in my head and we will see how it goes.


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