UFO Resolutions

Each new year us quilters dream of finishing all those UFOs.  I have decided to take it easy on myself.  I plan to finish ONE.  It is now on the design wall!

a partial quilt top

a partial quilt top

Of course, there is always the question, why did I ever quit on this one.  I really feel so on this project, as it is to go on my bed!  One of the 4 corner triangles units is ready to go on.

5" Penny Haren blocks

5″ Penny Haren blocks

The blocks are all done!  They come from a book by Penny Haren; Pieced Appliqué.  Several years ago I was able to meet Penny as she was finishing her first book.  I was fascinated with her technique.  The first quilt that I made, using her technique, I did so with the same fabric as the cover quilt.  I made a second quilt while teaching the technique.  I taught the technique a second time and this set of blocks appeared as class samples.  Of course by then, I was ready to try something new.  Is that why I quit?

plan A

plan A

At least when I quit, I left a diagram as I was arranging the blocks in an entirely different way than the book’s patterns.  Unfortunately I must have changed my mind.

project 3

And I must have changed my mind again, as what is sewn together is not like either of the two diagrams.  There must be a plan C, but it never got recorded.   So I will waste a bunch of time refiguring all the numbers.

partial flying geese

partial flying geese

Most of the flying geese are finished or at least started.

project 5

Ah-Ha!  This must have been the pause button!  I was running out of the latte fabric that is framing the blocks!  When would be the best time to shop for more fabric?

A- right when you discover the need.

B- wait a few years until you are in the mood.

So road trips will help relieve my winter doldrums.  Friend, Va, and I took a road trip yesterday.  We traveled to the Davenport Museum to see traveling quilts from the Folk Art Museum of NYC.  No cameras allowed.  I saw two of the quilts when in NYC as they happened to be on display then.  At that time they allowed ‘no flash’ photos.

A Bridal Quilt

A Bridal Quilt

The above quilt would really stop any doldrum!  We do not know why this quilt was never finished.  All the fun appliqué was done! And the top was all put together.

Biblical quilt

Biblical quilt

The above quilt is full of Biblical scenes and fun to try to determine.  Some of the scenes are actually written on!

Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark

These two quilts are very much Folk Art.  The other ones on display provided a history lesson of the various trends in quilting.   My favorite might have been a whole cloth quilt with stuff work galore!

May all of us have some success at finishing some UFOs and may we be comforted knowing there has always been quilts that never quite got finished!


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