Tumbling into those Resolutions

I have been working on my New Years Resolution.  All four corner triangles are attached, and I think it squares up pretty accurately.  I now have a major decision.  This is for a king sized bed and the price to long arm that size gets pricey.  I am considering making a duvet.  Of course I would have to invest in a comfort, but even a pricey one would be cheaper than long arming.

Two issues are raised:  My husband is not very fond of comforts.  I am thinking of purchasing one and trying it out on top of the sheets with no duvet.  I would put another sheet on top in case it will be a return.  The next issue is, will I like it with no quilting?  Any opinions out there?

The project will go on hold again as I cannot start the drop until I know how deep a drop I will need.

Carol's blocks

Carol’s blocks

Some of my quilting friends got their tumbling blocks together and I want to share them.  Carol retired at the end of the year and is amazed at what she is getting done.  She will bring it back quilted when she comes in Feb.

blocks machine appliqued.

blocks machine appliqued.

Donna took a short cut on hers.  Rather than add the back ground in strips with the block pieces she just appliqued the block unit on a solid piece of fabric.  Of course she is headed to a warmer climate and wanted it done!

Crib sized quilt

Crib sized quilt

Linda went on to a second project.  She is hoping to become a grandmother and is getting ready.  I will be teaching this technique in a quilt shop soon and need to make the shop sample.

For our last get together the gals each put together a Sylvia block kit.  They did a wonderful job.  When I get the last one pieced I will take a picture of their set.  We now have 72 blocks and are thinking it is more than enough for a large queen quilt.  We are beginning the process of selecting  setting patterns.

I have tumbled into one more project.  I am designing our guild’s show quilt for 2013.  The show is not until October, but we do enter it into the state fair in August.  Today I got an email saying they will want pictures for all advertising.  They order these in April!  Yikes!  I am glad I have a group of ladies helping me in the construction.


4 responses

  1. Please keep us updated on what you do about the duvet. I have a project that has been on the back burner for a few years because of duvet concerns also.

  2. I have made a duvet cover and did like it as well as a quilt. They never look as nice on the bed and really do not stay as neat as you would like. I would recommend biting the bullet and have it long armed. My husband does not like comforters either- too fluffy! Good luck.

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