Quilt or Duvet?

We had an experiment.  Clean sheets, comfort, clean sheet on top.  We were trying the lightest comfort; all season.  I felt divine crawling in at bed time.  However, I woke both nights feeling too warm.  I don’t think my husband approached the experiment open minded.  The comfort has gone back to the store and I am sure the hubby will not mind the long-arm bill.  There will be harmony in the home again.

A different lay out for Penny Haren blocks

A different lay out for Penny Haren blocks

The triangle corners are all in place and it has squared up fairly decent.  This king sized quilt needs all the blocks from the first two books written by Penny Haren; Pieced Appliqué.  Where did I get the idea for this strange arrangement?

my inspiration

my inspiration

I was inspired by a quilt in our local quilt show several years ago.  It was about the time that I was making all the blocks.  My project became more abstract, but that is how we inspire one another.  Now I need to make the drop, but this project has been neatly laid on a guest bed as I move on to more urgent things.  After all it is my 2013 goal to finish it!  I have 11 months to go!

p.s. I did have enough of brown setting scraps to finish the top.  The last scrap is now in my purse hoping to find harmony at a shop.

Tumbling Medallion

Tumbling Medallion

Something else finally came off of the design wall!  This one could not move until the strips were all sewn or confusion would take over!  Goal achieved!  It is now on another guest bed while another project takes its place on the design wall!   I began this project as I was reviewing how to make the ‘No-Y-Seams’ tumbling blocks.  It reminds me of antique quilts seen in England.  I will ponder how to finish it while working on other projects.

Tumbling Baby

Tumbling Baby

The above tumbler is a simpler one I will teach at a local shop.  It will make a cute baby quilt.  As I studied the end product, I noticed where the eye went first.  It went to the orange frame!  It did not go to the actual focal point!  As the shop puts this into kits, I suggest they trade the orange and the green. Any thoughts?  The binding will also be orange, so I might yet see the harmony desired.

I should mention that I had fun playing with the ombre fabric!  Have fun exploring what you can do with it!

back of tumblers

back of tumblers

The above picture will show how the blocks are all made with vertical seams.  I have now written  some instructions  to use this technique I learned on Simply Quilts years ago, as the book is no longer published.  I find it much easier than some I have seen on the web.

I was honored by our local guild when they asked me to design the Show Quilt 2013.  The theme is Legacy of Quilting and I am trying to pack in a lot of history and harmony at the same time.  Quite the challenge!  I am also busy recruiting many, many hands!   I will add some pictures as we progress.

Central Iowa is covered with a thin coat of ice this morning.  I am so thankful that it not yet the heavy, electric line breaking, ice.  As all churches are cancelled, I have been enjoying gospel music while sharing with you.  As I listen to the 4-part harmony, I am inspired to name this last mentioned quilt, ‘History & Harmony‘.


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  1. I wonder if adding the binding in the same orange will help. It does give a nice little pop to a very cute baby quilt. Still on travel so, have not seen it in person yet.

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