Staying warm? Bind a Quilt

45813_292671360859909_333392212_nThis would be a great day in Iowa to be binding a quilt and find an old movie on TV.  I could watch Dayton Abby again as I have recorded all of season 3.  Right now I have a sad attitude for the series.  What can they do in season 4 to make me happy again?  Unfortunately I do not have even a table topper ready for binding.

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler

Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler

Currently I am working on the placement of the Sylvia blocks.  I have made several sampler quilts so I want this layout to be different.  I am liking the medallion look for this one.  The book has 140 blocks.  I think my friends and I have done 72 of them.  With this setting it will be a queen sized if I add a border.  It does not take all 72 blocks either, for which I am thankful.  Not all blocks turned out 6-1/2″ raw.  I am good at fudging, but there are limits!

We learned from Penny Haren to frame the blocks with a 2″ border than square up the blocks to 8-1/2″ raw.  No one, except a judge, would notice that not all the frames are a perfect 1″

I am trying not to do this technique on this project, but I have used it before.  The setting blocks are a perfect 6-1/2″ raw because I made them large and then trimmed them.  I am willing to skimp on the 1/4″ SA on the sample blocks.  I have read that the early quilters used 1/8″ SA.  If I go that small I make the stitches smaller and add a little ‘no-fray’ to the SA.

As I am putting the blocks together I am also working on protecting points.  Some blocks have gotten a little re-working/re-sewing.  Of course then there is the dot-to-dot sewing.  You might know of it as point-to-point sewing.  Of course this leads a judge to say, “Straight seams should be straight.”

Finished crib quilt

Finished crib quilt

Others helped finish up the crib tumbler.  Now that the orange border is in place I feel a sense of balance.  I also think this might balance the tastes of a grandma and a mother.  Us grandmas like the old fashioned tumbling blocks and the moms might enjoy the more current prints and colors.

Last time I posted I mentioned that 2 of my guest beds were displaying works in progress.  Alas, recently all three guest beds were in use.  It was a fun winter break to have family in town.  They were from Louisiana and the 11 year old loved the little snow that we had at the time.  Now I have to remember where I stashed the WIP.

The bronchitis that followed was not a fun break in winter. But it does make one thankful when they are healthy again!

day complete


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  1. Gosh, I’m so sick of winter too. We got about six inches here again and enough is enough. I love your Sylvia blocks. I’m working on that quilt too, but making all the blocks. I find the directions to be challenging in some blocks, and I know that I’m going to have to do some framing because a couple of my blocks are a little wonky!

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