Phones and Progress

Recently I could not find my i-phone.  We did the call it routine, and had no luck.  I must have left it somewhere.  While asking lost & found in a store, it was suggested that I contact the provider.  They could locate it.  It all came back to me; I can locate my phone on my laptop.  I can even make the phone ring.  Since  I was all ready at the mall I decided to just stop at the Apple Store.  They could tell me where the phone is and I could pick it up before I went home.  They are always so polite there.  As the map starts to appear on their computer I recognize the territory.  It is at my home!  The nice guy reminded me that if it is under chair cushions it is hard to hear the phone.  (I might add here that I am sure the Apple help has a contest in the back room each day.  Who had the stupidest question of the day?  I am sure that my guy has often won.)

I went home and got on the computer.  I got my phone ringing and went on the hunt.  It was not under chair cushions.  It was on my work table under a stack of fabric!

Another loss to the sewing room!  Recently I was hunting for something.  I cannot remember what it was, but I do remember that I never found it.  I did find something I had searched for another time and was very thankful as I want it this Saturday when I teach a quilt class.  I also found two projects that need binding.  On my last blog I declared that I had nothing to bind on a cold day.  I also discovered two projects that I had forgotten all about.

Next time I will share about another great discovery day!

My arrangement of the Sylvia blocks

My arrangement of the Sylvia blocks

I have been making progress on the Sylvia Bridal Sampler.  The rows are all pieced and I have began putting the rows together.  That is not a fun part. There are way to many points to try to protect.  As I have worked I have also discovered some blocks that were not real stable.  I have hunted for the fabric and done some repairs on a few of the blocks.  This project only gets part of my time.  I am also working on the guild show quilt.

DMAQG Show Quilt 2013

DMAQG Show Quilt 2013

I have had a lot of help.  Several ladies of the guild made the hexes and put together sections of the first frame.   I joined all the sections and attached them to the tree of life after putting a narrow frame on it.  The theme for the show this year is The Legacy of Quilting.  The first hand painted tree of life coverlets that came out of India made women go wild!  Most could not afford them so they bought floral fabric when it became available.  They cut it up and sewed it down on muslin in a pretty arrangement.  The technique is known as Broderi Perse.

Once women took a scissors to fabric bed coverings would never be the same!  The next technique they tried was what we today call English Paper Piecing.  At the time it was the only proper way to piece fabrics together.  They used a variety of geometric shapes.  For our project we choose the hexigans as they are currently experiencing a little revival.  I don’t think it will be as great as the one of the 1930s when Grandmother’s Flower Gardens became the rage.

We have chosen to next honor the signature quilts also known as autograph quilts or album quilts.  When permanent ink became available, these quilts were quite the thing.  Prior to the ink, the autographs had to be embroidery work.

On my next post I will share who’s autographs I have gone after for this special quilt.  Right now I need to spend some time working on it.  I have had a coffee break to get me ready to determine some numbers for coping strips!


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  1. So glad you found your phone! Everything else you found in your studio is a bonus, sort of like opening a present or two.
    I can’t wait for the next quilt history lesson! I love reading your posts!

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