Small Group Wonders

Tuesday was small group day at my house.  It is always fun and inspirational.  First we had show-n-tell.  Two ladies had really been working with their Sylvia blocks!  Wow!

Donna's Sylvia blocks

Donna’s Sylvia blocks

The above blocks are Donna’s.  We had fun arranging the three colors on the wall.  If I remember correctly, this was the favorite choice.  I like the way she framed each block with the brown.  It looks like picture frames and there is a great picture in each one!

Sharon's Sylvia rows

Sharon’s Sylvia rows

Sharon had some rows already finished. Her blocks are also framed.  We learned this framing idea from Penny Haren a few years ago.  It is a great way to get all the blocks the same size.  The two deep pinks are  such a great surprise of color choice for the setting blocks.  The setting blocks will get your attention from a distance, but then there is more fun for the eye as you see each individual block is another treat.

We spent some time discussing the desired size of the quilt.  Queen size might be the most popular bed size.  Then there are these deep mattresses on top of deep box springs if we are thinking of the homes of our children.  These could need a twenty inch drop.  If our math was correct, it was 102 x 102 inches.  That is getting close to the size of a regular king size!

The other gals have also been working, but have spent their time on other projects.  Linda was trying out a new technique to do the Lamoyne star.  Of course, we all want to buy another ruler!  How many do you have that you do not use?  How many that you have no idea what to use it for?

Last time Sandi showed us gifts for a granddaughter’s wedding shower.  This time she showed us blocks for a baby quilt for a soon to arrive granddaughter.   What a busy family!

Mystery quilt

Mystery quilt

Carol has been real busy!  Could it be that she is now retired!  The above one is a mystery quilt that she had her other group do. Not only did it turn out great, she shopped for the fabric in her stash!

tube quilt

tube quilt

Then she stepped out of her comfort color zone for a niece.  I keep thinking that I am going to make a tube quilt.  I have the book!  Oh wait, now that I think about it,  I have the blocks for one.  I was using some of my scrap fabric.  I think it was my 2-1/2 inch scraps.  It will never look as exciting as this one.  While we were admiring this one, we discussed how good it is to look through a camera to get an even better view of our projects. In this one the white pinwheels really showed up in the camera.

While thinking about cameras, I am hoping I can find the picture of my tube blocks on the design wall.  I don’t think the blocks are stashed in any order, but there is a picture somewhere on this computer that shows my desired arrangement.  I will have plenty of time to find it, as I am currently helping a great team of hand quilters working on the show quilt for our guild.

We are meeting twice a week to work on the raffle quilt.  For fun we started keeping track of the total hours of hand work.  We are already over 100 hours and only 1/4 done of the first time  over the quilt.  We are only doing crucial quilting right now.  If we have time  for a second go over, we want to add stitches to make it really look nice.  I will share photos of it next time.

How much fabric do you buy for a quilt?  I am never quite sure how I am going to make the quilt.  I have changed my mind midstream very often.  It usually turns out that I run out of a crucial fabric and have much extra of another one.  This happened to my Sylvia Bridal Sampler.  I tried to use all the scraps on the back.  It takes more time, and my long arm friend might not like all the extra seams and care in putting it on the frame.  But I enjoy the challenge and care free sewing.  I do not worry about keeping every point.  I will finish with a picture of my back to Sylvia and the joy of saying, “The quilt is at the quilter’s home!”

The backing for Sylvia's quilt

The backing for Sylvia’s quilt


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