Challenges and Confessions

Most small groups take on a challenge now and then.  Mine has, in addition to finishing the Sylvia quilt top.  A while back I discovered a panel that a shop was wanting to clear out.  I bought one for each of us.


I also purchased a bunch of fat quarters of the line, that were also on sale.  They got handed out randomly.   Apparently the set had gone out of style.   Our challenge is to make it into something that someone could still enjoy.  Each month one of the twelve sections was to become a 12-1/2 inch (raw) block.   You can see the missing piece that I started with.  Later we amended the challenge  to also include  a placemat size block, from each of the pieces of the panel.  I really liked the challenge because there are a variety of sizes in the pieces.  We will have to be creative!

my block

You could also add some of your own fabrics to make your squares or rectangles.  The above is my first one.  I kept it very simple.  As I plan my next one,  I am thinking it wise to not add a lot more colors to the project.  It will already be rather busy.

Linda's wall

Busy is what Linda has been.  Above is her new design wall and look what is on it!  She has been planning a lot of her blocks.  I think she did decide to go with the placemat idea.  I am so sorry that I forgot to take a picture of everyones first attempt at the challenge.  I am sure that we each stimulated one another for next month.


I am a sucker for buying panels.  I currently have a nice collection of them.  Back in 2002 Susan Dissmore published the above book, Clever Quilts.  It was so popular that she later published Clever Quilts Encore.  I purchased both of them and still refer to them, especially when doing a children’s quilt.

Now for the confession:

Some time ago we bought a new mattress for our bed, much to the distress of my husband.  As they were ready to carry out the old one, I cut off the 1973 tag!  But there were more surprises to come.  When they carried out the box springs, there lay a quilt project!

Soldier Quilt hiding under my bed.

Soldier Quilt hiding under my bed.

I had to study it for a while, before I remembered the project.  I had taken a class at our guild done by Terri Clothier Thompson.  I had completed the center machine appliqué.  Apparently I did not want to fold it when I came home.  I found a poster board and laid it on the board and slid it under my bed.  I am so thankful that I also included the pattern book and fabric!   I actually did a little work on it after the find and then placed it back into its safe spot.  I am thinking that I could get 3-5 more poster boards under my king sized bed!

Isn’t quilting full of fun surprises?  Now I am off to mow or work in my flower beds.


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