A Legacy of Quilting

The Golden Age of Quilting

The first part of the 1800s is often considered the Golden Age of Quilting.  The Revolutionary War had been won.  Now the country could focus on the Industrial Revolution in America.  With is came many issues that we will not discuss here, but for the ladies it brought fabric and thread to a much lower cost.  A lot of the quilts were made with fabric purchased for that purpose rather than scraps from garment making.

Broderi perse block quilt

Broderi perse block quilt

One trend of this time was stylized flowers done by hand appliqué.  Most often it was done with the needle-turn method.  This replaced the cut out floral fabric that had been done by broderi perse.  The above picture is a great example of blocks done by broderi perse.

A combination of brodei perse and stylized applique

A combination of broderi perse and stylized appliqué

Both of the above pictures came from a display in NJ during the 2011 American Quilt Study Seminar.  This is a great example of the transition from floral print fabric to stylized flowers.  We added the needle turn appliqué to our show quilt to appreciate the ladies who began this great quilt tradition.

Hand quilting at its best!

Hand quilting at its best!

Not only does the above photo  show the beauty of appliqué, it includes the second part of the Golden Age of Quilting.  The hand quilting became an art itself.  No longer did it just hold the three layers together.  You will notice that the hand quilting went right though the appliqué at this time.

Applique added to the DM Show Quilt

Appliqué added to the DM Show Quilt

The above photo is our show quilt where we added needle turn appliqué.  Each section was done by another lady of our guild.

Trapunto feathers

Trapunto feathers

We made an inner border on our show quilt just so that we could honor the great hand quilters who loved feathers, wreaths, and such.  Our trapunto was added with a modern technique.  It was done with wash away thread.  Then we cut off the excess batting before we layered the quilt with the regular batting.  Now the stitches are being stitched right next to as we are quilting.  (I should add that this part would be much easier to do by machine rather that by hand.)  When the quilt is finished it will be soaked in water to remove the first thread as well as all the quilt marking.

Our final border will take us to the next time period of quilting.

This quilt could be yours if……your raffle ticket is drawn during the Des Moines AQS quilt show this fall!


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