F R E N C H – D I S C O V E R I E S


Go Iowa State in cardinal red and gold!

French quilt history has two main focuses.  Along with the English, they made quilted garments.

For the women it was petti- coats.  They were worn as a skirt and were topped off with a jacket.  The French also liked to add a lovely scarf.  If the quilting at the bottom of the skirt was done extra well, the lady would lift it when going up stairs so everyone would notice the fancy stitches.  For the men, it was quilted vests.

French Petti- Coat

French Petti- Coat

The above petti- coat might have been for a bride as they were often white.  The story is that the wider the bottom border of fancy quilting , the more distinguished or wealthy the family.  It is probably true, as the quilting was hired out!


We have been able to see many of them on Deb Robert’s tour to France.

The ones shown here were on display in Calvisson at the Maison du Gaulle.


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