More FRENCH history

The second thing the French quilting is known for is whole cloth quilts.   Many of them were white quilts.  The quilting on them was very intricate.  We saw one of these, but were not allowed to take a picture.

I was able to get a picture of a solid colored one.

Whole cloth quilt

Whole cloth quilt

We also saw many whole cloth ones  of beautiful fabrics.  No one would want to cut up the fabric.  The quilting on these was usually not as intricate.

Beautiful fabric in a French quilt

Beautiful fabric in a French quilt

Many of these were in a fabric factory that has now been turned into a museum.  It is a treasure in the town of  Tarascon.  The Souleiado Museum does not allow cameras, so you might check their web site or plan a trip!  The above picture shows some paisley.  It is thought that the design is made from a fist, with the no -thumb end going down on the fabric.

Another type of whole cloth quilts that has especially fascinated me is the small ones that were for your lap while holding a baby!  No surprises on your dress!  Some of these were so intricately made.  The first one shown was as at the Maison du Boutis.


They were not made with batting.  Rather with a cording technique.  The curator of the museum has been able to teach the technique and restore French interest in it.

A petasson in my price range

A petasson in my price range

the second one is one that I was able to purchase at an antique shop.  It is not an antique, but made by the cording technique.  It will fit nicely in to my doll quilt collection.  The name for these sweet things is petasson and they range in size, but are about a 24 inch square.


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