F R E N C H Flea Market Finds

We walked by all the tennis shoe vendors along with the clothes ones.  We were headed to the buildings on the inside.  We were looking for the antiques, especially the textile ones.  We were glad that the tour guide had given us advise before we headed out on our own.  Today is a free day and friend VA was good at mapping out a route that included the Paris subway.

It was well worth our time.   We first found a booth of doll clothes!  Absolutely cute!  There was so much and such nice quality.  We could not deside and hoped we could find it back.  We did and I decided on two that showed the change on print size from large to small about 1820.  My dresses are not that old, but they do show the difference.

Doll dresses from French flea markey

Doll dresses from French flea market

Foldable Sewing basket.

Sewing basket.

My next find was a sewing basket/stand.  When VA said she would buy it if I did not,  it was a decided issue.  It would go home with us.  It is so different from ones we have seen.

A top from the 1800s

A top from the 1800s

The next booth that got us super excited was one filled with vintage and antique textiles.

We had so much trouble making choices and choices had to be made.  We could not take all our wants home with us.  I took down an 1800s top just to enjoy looking at it.  Then I got brave and asked the price.  It was Monday, the last day of the market.  She lowered the price enough that I said yes, if I could find a cash machine!

Quilted French valance

Quilted French valance

We did not see any bed quilts, but we saw lovely fabric.  VA selected one of them.  I went for what looks like a window valance.  But it also could have been the valance for a canopy bed.  The bed spread would have been of the same fabric as well as the draperies for the bed.  We had seen antique ones in perfect condition at  the Musee de la Toile de Jouy the day before.

Fortunately,  we only have one more shopping day.  My suitcase is more than full!


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