The Iowa State Fair is well known as one of the countries best.  My now adult children often come back with their kids, so that they may experience it.  This year we spent a day there.  I left home an hour earlier than the families so that I could spend more time at the quilt display.  I had already seen it on pre-view night where those who have entries may have a sneak peek the night before the fair opens.  Pre-view is so well attended that it is hard to take pictures.  Early on a Monday was a better opportunity to take pictures.

Iowa State Fair

Iowa State Fair

As always the Best of Show is great!  And I was not disappointed this year.  What a master piece made by Diane Leman!

First place - Mixed Technique

First place – Mixed Technique

There are blue ribbons for each category.  The above photo is the first place in Mixed Technique made by Debbie Frizzell.   Rainbow quilts were quite the thing this year.  My theory is that judges like bright quilts as they tend to be show stoppers.  And I agree with that.  My problem is where do you use them in your home?

DMAQG Show Quilt earns a blue ribbon

DMAQG Show Quilt earns a red ribbon

The Des Moines Area Quilt Guild entered their show (raffle) quilt in this same category, mixed technique, and it earned a red ribbon!  Those who have worked on it were pleasantly surprised.  This quilt will now move to various quilt shops to encourage women to purchase the raffle tickets  at our show the first week of  October.

First Quilt by Lois Kern

First Quilt by Lois Kern

A category that always interests me is “First Quilt”.  I know what my first quilt looked like and it never compares to these at the show.  The above is one of those wows.  How did she preserve all of the points?  Lois earned the blue ribbon with this star quilt.  Notice it is another bright quilt

My "No Diamond in the Sky" in progress

My “No Diamond in the Sky” in progress

Another reason this quilt intrigued me is that I am working on one similar to it.  However I am cheating.  I am not working with diamond pieces.  Rather I am using the HST technique introduced many years ago by Debbie Maddy of Calico Carriage.  When I saw the ombre fabric at a local quilt shop (Adel Quilting and Dry Goods) I knew which pattern I wanted to use.  I have made a lot of quilts and I am struggling to keep all the points on this one.  How did Lois do it?

two possible border fabrics

two possible border fabrics

Yesterday was road trip day!  I took my camera and forgot to use it!  The ladies who did the hand quilting decided to do a get together as a celebration that the quilt was DONE and won a ribbon.  Two of the ladies live south of DesMoines so we headed that way.  Of course it included a quilt shop and lunch.  We met up at Quilts and Notions in Creston.  This is a well known shop as it has a huge collection of fabric.  When you are in the hunt for the perfect match, this is where you go.  I was looking for a border for the star quilt and came home with two possibilities.  I am now motivated to work on he project and determine which one goes into the quilt.

Sharon's Sylvia Quilt

Sharon’s Sylvia Quilt

This has been a fun week as earlier my small group met.  Two of the ladies had the Sylvia tops put together.  It is so fun to see how the same blocks make totally different quilts.

Joyce's Sylvia Quilt

Joyce’s Sylvia Quilt

As I am the one to hang them, I also get a peek at the back.  As a former Home Ec  teacher, it is a given that I want to see it.  All of the quilts for our show-n- tell had very neat backs and are ready to go on a long arm machine.   By using setting blocks, we each had some blocks to spare.  Joyce almost has 20.  She could put them on the back if she wants to keep piecing!

Sandi's mystery quilt

Sandi’s mystery quilt

Sandi is in two small groups and she had a mystery quilt done from the other group.  Carol had been to the Grand Rapids AQS show and had lots of patterns and tools to show us.

We have added a couple ladies to our group and we have started a new project.  We will be studying value for a while.

I am so inspired.  My morning coffee is gone and it is too hot and muggy to work outside so it is off to the sewing room.


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  1. For the border to your “No Diamond in the Sky” bright quilt top, my vote is for the one on the right (bright animal heads and borders).

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