Small Group and Long Arm

Yea for small group day!  We encourage and challenge each other!

Linda finished her Penny Haren quilt!

Linda finished her Penny Haren quilt!

Drum R-o-l-l   Back in January we each declared some UFO that would get finished in 2013.   Linda is the first to do so!  Not only did she finish the piecing, she did all the quilting on her regular sewing machine!  She had been taking machine quilting lessons on Crafty and began doing the practicing on a real project!  Way to go, Linda!

So far I have found the needed fabric to use on my UFO.  I have also done some sketches as to how it will be finished.  In addition, the project has been laying on a guest bed for most of the summer.   A rotary blade is yet to touch the fabric, to say nothing about a sewing needle touching it!

First blocks to a new project

First blocks to a new project

I do better at starting new projects.  Our group did so last month.  We all brought our light blue scraps and stash finds.  We cut the strips and took them home to sew them together.  At this meeting we swapped them.  We each squared up our set and made them into HST blocks.   This is a pattern that I saw years ago on Simply Quilts.   It is a study of value.  I was able to track down the book that is now out of print:  Strips & Strings by Evelyn Sloppy.

Dark blues to swap

Dark blues to swap

The above pic is one of my dark pieces that we will be swapping in October.  I should add that we are also including some greens and purples.  Our goal is to stay in the cool colors.  We do press them, but let the new owner to do the square up.

Donna's wall hanging

Donna’s wall hanging

Most evening Donna gets some time in her sewing room while her husband is watching TV in the next room.  It has paid off!  She had several projects finished!  Today I taught a class on curved seams.  It is what Elisa Wilson is known for.  However, while I was preparing and going through Elisa’s material  I saw that Donna’s pattern was one of Elisa’s!  It is called Addison’s Star.

Donna's second project finished!

Donna’s second project finished!

Another one of Donna’s finished projects is above.  She had bought it as a kit, but when she started it, she realized the shop had done some fabric switching.  It was not the same as the shop sample.  She went on line to find exactly what she wanted.

Donna's Sylvia Sampler is back from the long arm

Donna’s Sylvia Sampler is back from the long arm

Another DRUM R-O-L-L  another Sylvia finished!  Donna had found the perfect boarder fabric thanks to a shop owner who knows her fabric!

Helen's comfort quilt

Helen’s comfort quilt

We welcomed a new member to our small group and we know she will have much to contribute.  Helen, like Linda, did her own quilting on her project.  I wish I had taken a close up photo of her binding.  It was all done by machine and that included a unique way to add a flange.  You may get a better view and info on it here:          

It is called Faux-Piped Binding.  Thanks so much for sharing a new idea, Helen.

Two of the latest blocks

Two of the latest blocks

What started out to be just the challenge to make 12 inch blocks, turned into much more.   Above are ones made by me and Sandi.  Sandi’s is the one much more complicated.  She added some intense fabric that really adds spark to the panel project.

Pot holders made from the panel pieces

Pot holders made from the panel pieces

But that is not all Sandi did with the panel pieces.  She made the above potholders and the below table topper/ wall hanging.  I am still trying to figure out how she turned a rectangle and a square panel into equal shapes, both squares. (gold and red blocks)  I am so impressed.  I would not have thought to try it!

Sandi's wall hanging

Sandi’s wall hanging

Last time we were together the gals talked about what they did with all the hand-outs I give them each time.  They mentioned page protectors and notebooks.  This time here came Sharon with a notebook cover!   She fringed her panel piece.

Donna's on top / Sharon's book cover on bottom

Donna’s on top / Sharon’s book cover on bottom

Donna turned hers into a rectangle that could be a placemat.  I loved the fabric she added.  This has been a fun stretch of our creativity and some have found it more of a challenge than others.  I have found it so fun to see what a variety of uses they have found of the original panel.

The back for Star over Africa

The back for Star over Africa

While my friends have been super productive all I have completed is the back to a quilt.  When piecing a back, it is understood not be put a seam down the center.  I like to take it a step further and make it a fun arrangement.  I like to do the Lancaster County Amish’s most popular pattern.  It is simple, but so striking.  Of course, the Amish did not use prints.  Today the quilt top and back were delivered to a great long arm gal!  I love a quilt leaving!

My lack of sewing time

My lack of sewing time

Husband and I have spent a lot of time on an outdoor project.  We started a rock wall two summers ago.  Last summer we took a sybatical on the project and I am not sure why.  Labor Day was to be a cool day in Iowa and I declared it a labor day!  Once we got started we have become determined to finish the rock part.  Summer   2014  or 15 might be the back dirt completion.  Do you call yard work projects UFO?


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