DMAQG Quilt Show and Small Group

I keep looking and learning from the quilts of our recent quilt show.  I discovered that only one pieced quilt earned a purple ribbon.  This one was Judges Choice;  what a fun splendor of prints!  The picture comes from the Iowa State Fair where Coleen got honorable mention.

Judge's Choice 203The Picture below is the same quilt as you see the entire quilt in our show.  
Coleen's Purple Ribbon

Coleen’s Purple Ribbon

Then there are the two finished quilts from our small group get together.  Sharon’s Sylvia Bridal Sampler had just returned from the long arm gal in time to share it with us.

Sharon's Sampler with feather quiltig

Sharon’s Sampler with feather quiltig

Sharon’s  is an all over feather pattern of quilting and it is so striking.  Below is the quilt that Helen shared along with a fun story.  It is all hand quilted by Helen.

Hand quilting by Helen

Hand quilting by Helen

It was to be a gift for a relative.  I am thinking Helen said high school graduation.  Anyway the gal is now married with children.  Helen still plans to give the gift.  Now does the recipient have the same number of years to send a thank-you note?  Of course the time writing a note does not compare to the time spent hand quilting.

View from the deck of our son's home.

View from the deck of our son’s home.

The quilt show has been over for a week now and I have thought about what I would like to have finished in time for the next show.  Right now we are visiting our son and his family.  The only thing I do not like about fall is that it ends.

flying geese blocks

flying geese blocks

The above picture is a bunch of the flying geese blocks that I am working on.  When I finish them I press them, maybe add some starch, and then square them up.

rows of flying geese

When I sew the individual geese together I do not press the row.  Rows of flying geese can take on the character of an accordion.  By not pressing the rows, I am not allowing them to stretch.  I will do the math as to what they are to become and allow them that much fabric when I pin them to the adjoining piece of fabric.  After fabric is attached to both sides then I press the entire piece.  These are part of my “Get her done in 2013” and it is getting closer to leaving my house!  It will be so grand as it is for a king sized bed and it is for my bed!


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