Quilting Trends

I recently learned that there are and will be fewer Civil War Reproduction fabrics produced.  From our recent quilt show, I would say that ladies still enjoy them and probably have a nice stash.  With this revelation, comes the question, “What is replacing the repros?”   From my observation of our quilts and the vendors I would say that strips are coming on strong.

strip 1 strips 2

The above two photos come from the DMAQG Show.  Both contain interesting strips.  The first ones has stripes that fade in and out, while the second quilt uses strips with more definition.

plaid 1

Homespun, flannel, and plaids have been hard to find in recent years.  But the vendors were well supplied with them at our show.

My other observation of the quilts in our show was the love of scrappy quilts, wether planned, random, selective, or HST.

scrap planned scrap planned 2

The above quilts have the appearance of scrappy, but also well planned out.

scrap rndom 6 scrap random 2 scrap rndom 5

Then there are the ones that the fabric selection stayed in a theme, but does look scrappy.  Three of this type of scrappy is posted above.

scrap random 4 scrap random 3

Some scrappy quilts look pretty random and may have genuinely come from a scrap box as in the two above quilts.

scrap filler scrap random 1

On the above two quilts the scrappy part is sorta a filler for the entire design.

scrap hst scrap HST 2

Another scrappy is HST that separate light and dark to make the design.  They are shown in the two quilts above.

My goal is to make one scrappy quilt each year.  I do get into the scrap box, but it never seems to make a dent in it.  Below is one I would like to try.  In addition, as I write this post I realize that I must really enjoy the scrappy look, as I certainly took lots of pictures of them.

scrap random 7

This week I will be teaching a triangle class and present a lesson on textile history.  It is time to stop reviewing the quilt show, and get busy preparing!


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