American Quilt History for 9 year olds

Samantha's Quilt

1776 – Felicity

I am packing up my doll quilts that I designed for the 18″ historical dolls.  I will be a vendor at the Grout Museum in Waterloo, IA.   Currently there is a doll quilt display on exhibit.   A few of my doll quilts are part of the exhibit.

1776 - Felicity

1776 – Felicity

To kick off the exhibit, famous doll quilt designer, Jo Morton, will be a quest speaker on Friday night, Nov. 8.  There might still be some tickets if you are interested.

1854 - Kersten

1854 – Kersten

Several years ago I conducted a historical doll quilt club.  Each month we studied what was going on in the textile and quilt world in various time periods.

1854 - Kersten

1854 – Kersten

I designed a doll quilt in the appropriate scale and in the time period correct pattern and fabric for each of our 6 meetings.  It was lots of fun.

1854 - Addy

1854 – Addy

I have now put some fabric kits together to go with each of the patterns.  It should be a fun day!

1904 - Ruth

1904 – Ruth

Another vending item will be quilt racks sized for doll quilts.  These are made by my brother.

1904 - Samantha

1904 – Samantha

Samantha has been discontinued by the doll maker, but she is still loved by many collectors.  A Jewish Girl, Ruth took her place.  They each could have made the bow tie quilt, but with different backgrounds, they might have turned out different.

1934 - Kit

1934 – Kit

We are all familiar with the Great Depression and the type of quilts being made then.  Kit’s mother made her a beautiful quilt, but Kit was not interested!  She wanted to be a newspaper editor like her dad.   The story books were fun for me to read.  I am sure they also are for 9 year old girls.

1944 - Molly

1944 – Molly

Adding a nine year old girl to the history lessons makes history so much more interesting for young girls.   Recently a couple books were written about the quilts made during WWII.  I found them very interesting and helpful.

doll size drying rack

doll size drying rack with one of Jo’s patterns


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