I began quilting for the purpose of making doll quilts.  They were to enhance my antique and vintage toy displays.  That was 12 years ago and I still love doll quilts.  I tend to collect them more than make them now.  It was so fun to see five of my collection on display at the Grout Museum in Waterloo, Iowa.

5 of my doll quilts on display in the Grout Museum.

5 of my doll quilts on display in the Grout Museum.

Mine were just a small part of a large display of this fun part of history.  Wow!  Walls of doll quilts.  The display was so well put together by curator Robin.  Taking photos in a museum is usually a no-no, but I thought it permissible if it was my own quilts.  It was so fun to see them as part of a delightful museum display.

Jo Morton with Curator, Robin.

Jo Morton with Curator, Robin.

To add to the fun week-end, the museum had arranged a two day quilt retreat with guest teacher, Jo Morton.  Of course, Jo is the queen of doll quilts!  She designs the cutest ones along with fabric lines to make small treasures.  Jo claims not to be a historian, but she takes all her inspiration from fabrics and quilts of the past.

My Peppermint Twist

My Peppermint Twist

For this week-end the museum offered three classes taught by Jo.  I did not permit myself to take a class, as I had taken three of hers in the past.  Only one of them is finished!  So I spent the day working on a six year old UFO!  It is so fun seeing them come to life!  Jo’s quilt was done in pinks and browns, but I wanted colors that fit into my house.  All that is left is a border of flying geese.  Does that sound trivial?  I need to read just how many geese I will be making!

My vending booth

My vending booth

On Saturday I was allowed to vendor my quilt patterns and kits for the American Girl Dolls.  Each one offers an American history lesson.  I added quit history to each pattern.

A real plus to the week-end was that I was able to spend it with my sister.  I think there was more chatting than sewing, but that was more important.


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  1. Thanks Marge, not only for lending your beautiful quilts for the exhibit but for also helping to spread the word about the exhibit in your blog. It was great seeing you again and meeting your sister. By the way, I love your Jo Morton Peppermint Twist from the retreat 5 years ago. Mine is still in pieces. Bravo to you for getting the top pieced.

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