Not This Christmas

Each year in November I get out the vintage suitcase of Christmas fabric.  It is all wonderful fabric.  I dream of what I will make with it.

Vintage suitcase with Christmas fabric collection.

Vintage suitcase with Christmas fabric collection.

Then I get busy with Thanksgiving and then decorating for Christmas.  Then there is shopping, etc.  Come January and everything comes down and gets packed away and I am out of the mood.  Alas, I have a lovely fabric collection!

Quilt In A Day!

We all know this slogan and some of us have heard Elinor Burns explain where her logo name came from.  She was chatting on the phone with a friend one evening and the gal mentioned that she had been to a class and made a quilt in a day!  I know some of our recipients think that is all it takes, but us quilters know the difference.  Well, I discovered that I can make a quilt back in a day!  Just use very big pieces of fabric.

Quilt Backing in a Day!

Quilt Backing in a Day!

Recently I was hunting through my stuff for something and discovered a few coordinating fabrics.  I knew that they would never become the front of one of my quilts, but why not the back.  The next day I put the back together for a quilt that that had recently been finished.  TaDa!  I used fabric I had and now there is a space in the stash closet!

I will admit that I still love the fabric and saved enough to make a few placemats!  Of course that project is now stashed away.



Most of us do not enjoy putting the binding on a quilt.  It is so big to sew around.  I am thankful that I have several tables that can set beside my machine for the event.   When preparing the binding for this quilt, I realized that I would not like the same color of fabric on both sides.  Orange was going on the front and there was a deep blue fabric on the back.  A few years ago I had heard of two fabric binding and it was perfect for this project.  If you use 2-1/2″ binding, cut one inch strips of the front fabric and 2″ strips of the back fabric.  Sew the strips together and you have 2-1/2″ binding.  I am a 2-1/4″ gal so I use  7/8″ and 1-3/4″ strips.


You can also see how this works when you don’t have enough of the desired fabric for a binding.  I was really amazed that I had prepared it right when I finished the quilt top.  Usually I don’t and when the quilt returns a few months later……You know the routine.


Well, I have enjoyed this sit down break.  Now I am going back to getting out decorations.  I am listening to Christmas music and yesterday I purchased some evergreen smelling stuff.  But nothing beats the real thing!  Enjoy your prep time!


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