Say “No” To Quilt Shops

Don’t go into a quilt shop the week before Christmas!  They have so many neat Christmas ideas.  You want all of them.  You settle for the one that strikes you the most at that moment and buy the kit and the book that has the pattern.  Well, if you are making one you might as well make two and have a gift ready.  Oh, so they have a cute hanger for the wall hanging.  You also grab it.  Oh, look, appropriate backing fabric is on sale! Please, get me back to my car!

I have forgotten all about the Christmas suitcase at home.

 But the house is decorated and no one is coming home for Christmas Day.  What do you do?  You get out the kits!  What Christmas fun!

Christmas Day Project

Christmas Day Project

I am doing an experiment.  I have ironed on all the machine appliqué.  But why appliqué it down and then quilt it?  How about machine appliqué and quilt at the same time?  Has anyone else done this?  The only place it has given me trouble is the snowman and his three layers of fabric.

Now I am tearing down Christmas and taking breaks by Machine Quilting the wall hangings.  I am not good at free motion or following a pattern, so maybe it is the other way around.  When the neck and shoulders get stiff, I go box up more Christmas.

boys room

Grandsons' room

Grandsons’ room

Above is the bedroom for three of my grandsons.  The lofts were built by my son-in-law and my daughter did the painting.  The boys, 6,9, and 13 love it.  Below the window is now a bench.

Aaron, Jaden, Ryan

Aaron, Jaden, Ryan

We were not buying gifts this year, but I still wanted to do something.  I made pillows that could be on their beds or the bench.  My daughter drew out the letters for me.  I wanted them to coordinate with the atmosphere of the room.  The part the boys liked was that they were made of flannel.  However, I will say as I worked on them, I realized how cheap the fabric was quality wise.  I will regret the time spent if they might not make it through the first washing.

Sister's table topper

Sister’s table topper

While not buying gifts for the family, I almost forgot Stan’s folks and the neighbors and my sisters, etc.  I was way to relaxed.  One evening I went to the sewing room with an idea for sister and started hunting.  What I found was something I had totally forgotten purchasing.  It was sister fabric!  All I could remember about it was that when I saw it, I thought of Beverly.  Anyway I spent the evening and the next day working on it.  I was at the post office that afternoon!  On the way home I stopped and got gift cards for the folks.

There was enough fabric to miter the corners, but not enough to do it perfectly.  Sister is a better seamstress than me.  She can sit at her kitchen table and enjoy the thought that she could have done it better!

One afternoon a week I babysit two grandsons.  During December we told the Christmas story with little stuffed characters.  They enjoyed doing it.  They best liked the innkeeper.  “I have no rooms, Not one bed!”  (They added the bed part.)  It was so cute. We had a couple days with two of the families here.  We made a major production with our stuffed characters.  We traveled to the cattle barn to preform for the parents and papa.

Stable influence

Stable influence

I did warn the adults that it would last less than 4 minutes, but the kids were so excited!  I trust that you enjoyed some great memory building experiences.



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