Got -R Done Past and Present

Last year I challenged my small group to select one UFO to get finished in 2013.

Sandi's UFO finished!

Sandi’s UFO finished!

Sandi finished this cute baby quilt.  It might have moved to the UFO status as she keeps having granddaughters!  I love her binding choice.  She did her own quilting!  The only way we will get better at it, is by doing it!

Carol's UFO finished!

Carol’s UFO finished!

Carol really took on a challenge as she did not care for this project that we had done together.  Hers turned out so nice and she did her own quilting.  She has a friend with a long arm and spent a few days at her house.  Way to go Carol!

Under Protest!

Under Protest!

This little note was found on a doll quilt of a collector.  I don’t think Ann will mind my sharing it.

“1st last and only done under protest.”

Sometimes we can be very proud of what we finish “under protest”.



I will follow the protest items with these gorgeously sewn projects from the past.  I was invited to a questers group as the topic was vintage clothes and Carolyn knew I would love it and I did.  The definition of vintage is usually less that 100 years.  Many of these items were older and so well preserved.


The presenter shared how a trunk was found in her husband’s grandmother’s home after she was gone.  No one wanted it but herself.


Thanks to the ladies who preserved these treasures.

1920s dress

1920s dress

I was sitting in the front row as I wanted to see every detail.  Unfortunately it prevented me from taking good pictures.  We moved from one time period to another.  The Roaring Twenties dresses were so fun to see.  Unfortunately I cannot share but one picture as they got to hard to capture.  Plus I just wanted to relax and enjoy.

If you live in Iowa, you might want to ask this lady to come share the items with your group.



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