2014 Goals

What a commitment this is!  I am going to share with you my goals for 2014.  That means that I will feel some accountability.  January’s goals are met.  I have started 3 new quilts.  That’s the easy part isn’t it?  Starting.  Finishing is the tough part.

Shop Sample seen on a bus shop hop

shop sampleI have shared before the frustration of the Christmas fabric suitcase.  So here goes: two Christmas quilts are to get pieced.  A few years ago a couple fabric companies produced lines of ‘Colonial Christmas’.  Unintentionally and intentionally I arrived at a collection of them.  I should clarify that in colonial times Christmas fabric would not have been produced, but today we can have fun pretending.  I could also mention that there was a time when red and green quilts were very popular.

Great Christmas book of quilts

Great Christmas book of quilts

After I liked the shop sample, I bought the book it came from.  Then I asked permission to take the picture.

green blocks

I have completed one of the sets of blocks using fabric in my stash.  The second Christmas quilt will be more of a challenge.  I have no pattern but am working off of a picture.


This quilt catalog dates 2010.  I doubt if they still are selling the pattern.  Anyway, I enjoy the challenge of figuring it out.

a pic of quilt

The inside of cover picture shows a little more of the details.


I started with the four corner blocks.  I love the look of ribbons and bows.

State Fair only displays a small part of a quilt as there are so many entries.

State Fair only displays a small part of a quilt as there are so many entries.

Last year at our Iowa State Fair there were two quilts made with poka-dot fabric.  I was really inspired by them.

Anita's ribbon winner!

Anita’s ribbon winner!

The second quilt went on to be exhibited at the DM AQS show and it ribboned.  Way to go Anita!

a single block

My block is different but yet the wheel concept is there.  I saw this on another blog and spent a good part of two days drafting the block and making it.  When I referred back to the blog I noticed where I could have ordered the pattern.  So I saved $8.00 and it only cost 8 hours of my time!  I can see where this project will get pricey.  I keep buying fabric and only need small parts of each one.  How many poka-dot quilts does one want to make?

Reading pillows

Reading pillows

My fourth goal for 2014 is less fun.  I love piecing quilts, but I have a lot of ideas rolling around that I want done for my house.  Could I at least work on one for a while each month?  It does not have to get completed, but some time has to be spent on it.  For January I selected the easiest one.  Make the sofa look a little more welcoming to winter.  Competing with my love of piecing is the joy of reading.  Does this spot look cozy?  The two pillows with book prints was easy and free!  Someone had given me the drapery samples years ago.  I did make myself practice micro piping taught by Susan Cleveland.

Feathers by teacher Dawn Cavenough

Feathers by teacher Dawn Cavenough

Then there is my accidental goal.  I was minding my own business at the DM guild the other day, when they mentioned a vacant spot in the next day’s machine quilting of feathers class.  I took the bait.  I even had to borrow cash from a friend to get signed up.  Then I was home making sandwich batting.  I will spare you from seeing a pic of my work, but I did try and I have actually practiced here at home since.

Now I have chatted with you long enough and am headed to the sewing room to determine which of the Feb. blocks to work on.



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