Valentine Be Mine







These two remind me of the type of Valentines we exchanged in elementary school.  That was a long time ago, but still a sweet memory.  It was before candy had to be added and we just appreciated the cute cards.



It seems that each year I make a Valentine quilt of some type.  Over the years they have added up!


Hersey tins

Hersey tins

Years ago Enesco produced Hersey Christmas ornaments.  I collected them, but they never went on the tree.  They came out later when winter was drab.


Quilting friends were here yesterday and Linda is all ready for a daughters baby shower


Linda did her own quilting on her regular machine.  Sandi has been busy with bridal shower projects, but they have already been given.

Then there is Helen.  In January we each declared a Get-R-Done project for 2014.  I have yet to look at mine.


Helen has hers pieced and quilted on her long arm.  All that is left is the binding!

Valentine greetings to you!   Below are some my husband received when he was a boy.


Then there is the candy!  I even keep pretty boxes!

v6 v5


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