Gal Time

My friends and I had our monthly gathering.



At our last gathering I invited them to join me in making a Christmas quilt.  Many of them did and brought their first four blocks along.



Don’t we all have a box of Christmas fabric?



And each box represents our own tastes.



Doing a small part each month should get the job done!



Joyce loves pink.  It is so fun to see it Christmas Style.

Donna's embroidery work

Donna’s embroidery work

Donna has spent some travel time doing embroidery.  Now we are all thinking of the best way to put the blocks together.

Donna's monthly wall hanging

Donna’s monthly wall hanging

Donna also accepted an offer  on the internet for a project each month.  I love windy March.  You too can order these monthly patterns at:

Sandi's twin quilt

Sandi’s twin quilt

Sandi is making a quilt for a trundle bed.  We were giving her advise for the border.

My show-n-tell would be a lot of puttering.  Winter brings a lot of stay at home time, but it also brings a lot no motivation.  I love to have my friends come as we all inspire one another to get going again.

Another way to get going is follow the advise from 1949:

singer sewing directions

The snow has melted in central Iowa and it is amazing what it can do to ones attitude.  Spring will come again!


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