I think this was a sports product promotion years back.  JUST DO IT.  There are times we need to think that way in the sewing room.  Lately, I had two quilts back from the long-arm gal.  I was so excited about her work, but I could not get myself started on doing the binding.  First you have to get the table space and cutting matts all organized to clean up the edges.  Then you have to arrange the space to put the big quilt so as to sew on the binding.  Then there is the forever hand stitching.  All three steps are dull to me.

Binding all ready to go.

Binding all ready to go.

Issue number four is finding the fabric back to do the binding.  Recently I was going to grab a notebook in the sewing room to take to a class I was taking.  The above picture is what I found all wrapped around a notebook!  I could not remember the project the Christmas binding was intended to go on.  I do have a couple Christmas things ready for the quilting, but this fabric would not work to bind either one.  I faintly remember finishing one project.  It is now all packed away, but I remember being upset with myself as I had to dig out fabric that would work for the binding!

assortment of "finish it" fabric

assortment of “finish it” fabric

There are a stack of boxes in the sewing room closet.  There are a few inches above them before a shelf appears.  I usually try to put “finish it” fabric there.   When I finally decided to JUST DO IT for the two quilts, I found these three on the spot.  Yea!  One of them was for the comforts of home quilt.  But there was nothing for the scrap quilt.  I had to dig around and piece some browns together to “make do”.

Lazy way to get to the machine!

Lazy way to get to the machine!

While I was sewing the binding on the scrap quilt, my mind was wondering if this quilt was worth the hand stitching.  One of my machines has a nice stitch that looks fine for binding a quilt that is not going into a show or competition.  It is like the blanket stitch, but tosses a stitch each direction rather than just one.  It is a good way to know you are catching everything.  Before I start, I do tack the four corners in place so they will stay neat and 90′.  In the photo above you will notice that I found it easier to pull the machine table out away from the counter rather than clean the counter!

Binding ready to go

Binding ready to go

All this happened a few weeks ago.  Yesterday I had the above sighting.  My eye caught on something sitting on top of the stack of feed sack fabrics that just sit there to look cute.  Could it be the binding for the scrap quilt?  Yes, indeed it is!

remember lie


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